Fresno, California
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Hi I wrote on my first original post few minutes ago regarding title post "Walmart - Humiliated, belittle, and discriminated!" I apologized for error location in Seattle, WA. The correct location that happened is in Fresno, CA at Walmart address: 3680 W Shaw Ave location.

After reading what had happened to me yesterday, if anyone have any recommendation or similar experience anyone have at this same store, please comment on how it was handled. I hardly complain about any store, BUT yesterday it was just too much for me.

It not right at all to be treated that way. The associate at the exit name June is very unprofessional and does not look like she is properly trained in handling customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seattle Washington- Fresno California??? Big difference there!

Your complaint lost all credibility because you can't even remember what state the store is located in.

You seem to remember the woman's name with no problem though but not the location of the store? Why do I feel that you have a personal issue with June and you are trying to get her in trouble or fired???