Oak Cliff Place, Texas
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Feb 8,2916


Waiting in line for twenty minutes, ice cream melting, never staffed with enough people. Is more the norm than not. For all I spend, service should be better!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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you do know there is such a thing as self checkout don't you?

it never ceases to amaze me the complaints people make about c hecking out "oh there should be self checkouts so we can do a couple item and get out quickly" then when stores get the self checkouts its' "they need to have more people and not self checkouts i'm not paying to scan my own merchandise" oh dear god the horror to have to slide and scan your items it must really hurt huh?

stop your *** whining and learn to use self checkout. i use it ALL the time when i only have a couple items and it's so much quicker/easier then *** and moanin about not having enough registers open which NO store EVER does.


If they cannot figure out that they should get the ice cream last or replace it when melted, using the self checkouts is like rocket science to them.


Most stores have a policy that if there are 2-3 carts waiting, they will open registers.

If you want something done, call the store and speak to the manager about this. Simply voicing your complaint here does nothing.


You want more people at check out? Get a job there and help the problem instead of just complain and moan about it!

Is it frustrating sitting in line forever waiting to pay for stuff...*** yes!

But everyone loves to assume stores can pull people out of thin air...because the last thing they wanna do is le gasp get a job doing that horrible job! Well step up or shut up because there are only somany people trained to even BE on a register so you have to be patient!

And they let you replace your ice cream if ita melted ao relax your bonbons will be fine for Dr Phil time.


liked for "dr phil time"


Most people use their heads and wait until the end and get ice cream last. That is the people that can use their brain.

But yeah I agree with the understaffing part. It is to save money. It sucks, but hey, if they hire more people in theory they have to pay them, and increase prices, but hey they don't realize that by hiring more people they will get more service.

But as for the ice cream melting part anyone over the age of three can figure out that that they should put the ice cream back and get a new one, or leave it for last. Then again some people don't know how to think.