Conway, Arkansas
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At the one in Wal-Mart zip 72034. Walked in stood at the desk for about 5 to 7 minutes, completely unnoticed..

Why..the employees, a male and female were to busy gossiping and using there phones to notice me. When the employee a female that was working on her client noticed me she said... HELLO to the other employees. The male came the desk and asked can I help you?

I said I guess I waiting until they finished taliking and the look he have me... Made so mad I said I am not putting up with this turned around and left!!!

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You sound rude as ***. I've worked at Walmart and hate working with customers like you.

Granted they shouldn't have been on their phones and should have been doing their job. Unprofessional on their part. Regardless, I'm tired of customers who feel entitled to something. When you finally got ahold of one of these lazy idiots.

You should have just taken care of your business and walked away.

Instead you got an attitude and acted insulted because you didn't get what you wanted as quickly as you expected. It's a privilege to get fast and friendly services, you're not owed it sweetheart.


Maybe you should have brought your mother to the store and asked her to get you help. This way someone could have spoken up for you and you would not have had to wait that long.


you wish you wish. Lmao and the degenerate speaks.

As far as my drugscreen yes in February i passed a 5 panel hair follicle. Paid for out of pocket. I challenge you to take one since you seem to be still running your gib. As far as the video again so sorry but it exists.

The one where king deadbeat dad from Texas tells you plain and clear Fix him up a dub girl ive got it covered. Then you return with the *** and toss it in Garys lap. Awwwwww come on. Put your money where your mouth is ghetto queen.

Ill pay for your hair follicle test. And so you know the lab i use counts any cutting of the hair or chemical treating of said hair as tampering which goes on paper as FAIL.


Same walmar. Last year i complained to corporate about the over 100 severely molded containers of strawberries on july 4th.

Still have pictures of that. The manager was so mad she retaliated by spreading vicious rumors about me. A private investigator i hired has evidence of this. As far as crack cocaine no i dont mess with it.

5 panel drug screen passed. One of her female employees was recently caught on video selling *** though.


When its because the employees are playing on their cell phones and talking about which person they bopped at a party the night before yes thats too long.


And in reference to the comment left by walmarts damage control about 5-7 minutes not being that long well when its because the employees are playing on their cell phones its too *** long. Im sure corporate is paying you to work not play.

Ive heard walmart employees in alot of stores while on the clock state that they werent breaking their backs for no more than they were being paid. If thats the way you feel hit the clock and go home.


im assuming youre talking about the walmart on dave ward. Have had the same issue several times.

When i complained to corporate about it the manager at this walmart location then retaliated by spreading lies on me. private investigator caught some of it. For one i do not do crack cocaine. Just paid for a 5 panel drug screen out of pocket.


On the whole drug issue recently got one of her female employees on video selling *** Dont start no sht wont be no sht. Ive actually had wait times as high as 45 minutes in this store after an employee called for assistance for me.


5-7 minutes isn't bad at all. Learn to be more patient.