This how to register your one hour guarantee card online, it's fast and easy.

Go to Walmart's website and at the top right hand corner click on the help button. In the FAQ it says 1 hour guarantee.

Click on that and the link is there to register your card. I went online and registered my card for the emerson 32 inch lcd hdtv did not have any problems, only took about 2 minutes, entered my name address email and phone number, now all I have to do is wait for my email to pick it up at the store,

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $148.

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Walmart is extending the registration to Monday at midnight CST to ensure that customers can get still register.

Mount Carmel, Tennessee, United States #573260

I am glad to see that somebody was successful in getting their card registered. I have been trying since Thursday night to get mine registered.

It is now Saturday afternoon and I have called Walmart .com customer service and they were unsuccessful also.

The customer service rep and her supervisor had no idea why the card won't register. The clock is ticking and if this is not figured out before Sunday by 1159 pm, looks like I will be getting a full refund and be without the tv I stood in line for.

to 1 hour guarantee Aurora, Indiana, United States #573426

You won't get a refund....if you aren't able to order the product or register by Sunday night, the card simply turns into a normal gift card with the exact sale price PLUS sales tax of the item. So what you paid in-store for the card will still be on the card.

The guarantee is that if you didn't physically get a TV in store, you could go online and order the item and still receive it at the sale price. The catch is you have to have register and order by Sunday at midnight.

If not, then the price of the TV may go back to regular price, but you still have a good bit on the card to use towards it. I've read many comments where people have had no trouble at all, and others where customers couldn't get on.

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