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Update by user Nov 20, 2019

No the claims department acted like I was a liar!

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2019

I had my oil changed and they put my oil filter in wrong, my engine light came on it was running rough and had lower power than normal. I went back to the store it was done at in burleson and the supervisor of the service department knew exactly what was wrong he said they placed the oil filter in wrong so he placed it back in right.

Engine light went off quit running so rough but I now have a ticking and a clatter in my motor on top and a tapping on the lower part of the motor . Made a claim I did everything they said to do took pictures of my motor with oil on it after they cleaned it off . The claims department denied it being there fault. Which is a lie!

So now I have to hire a lawyer to take care of something that should have been resolved without one.

I am not happy at all the claims lady acted like I was a liar! I am a hard working Christian woman who trusted Walmart to do a simple task and ended up needed a new motor some one is going to pay for this and it is not going to be me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $9700.

Walmart Pros: Non.

Walmart Cons: Im not being accomodated for walmarts mess up.

Location: 951 Sw Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028

Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
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what are u/ a fortune teller


u aint got proof of crap so just shutup


You're all posting as anonymous guests. My photo and State is posted.

Their not posted lies about you. You told us yourself goober!


Nobody cares about Brigitte. Everybody knows she's the joke here.

And everybody knows she is a predator.

And she needs to understand that she cannot do this to anybody. Let's start a purge to find her and offer her to the cops.


Please mention type of car, mileage, number of owners.


Don't give up, fight them and make them take care of it. A walmart employee.


I think that there is a very important update that we missed onto this person pretending to be Mark and Bonnie. February 3rd.

This person that is making all of these threats admitting worked at Livingston ISD. Is there any connection to where this person lives or works?


Well. It's been confirmed that Brigitte is all of these people.

I agree with the others. Let's ignore this b.

We don't want to give this b any more that's she think she has. She has nothing better to do than be a horrible and terrible person to others.


Exactly! She doesn't deserve any of our time.


Nothing was confirmed.You are just trying to push past the issue that you prey on kids.


No she is not. You kids need to learn that just because people share an opinion does not make them the same person.

@Terrika Ecb

So much hate and arrogance. You're basically using the term kids when you're acting like one and while you're the real predator! Bye Felicia!


To the person who created this review: I’m so sorry the comments on your review ended up this way. The comments are supposed to be filled with messages on how to help or filled with sympathy or something of that nature.

However, it’s filled with bullies going at each other throats and tension so high it could be cut with a butter knife. I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience with Walmart.

I wish I had more to offer for that situation. I hope things work out in the end!


Just stop responding to this jacka$$. They feed off of it.

When you ignore a bully, it takes away the satisfaction for them. Y'all responding are only encouraging them.


There is a difference between encouraging and calling out and confronting. People are going to make sure that bullies are going to get called out and confronting no matter how many times people tell them.

Bullies need to be stopped. BTW, Don't recall anybody asking for your permission or advice.

That's the last thing people need. Because you're terrible and horrible at it.


Kind of sounds like you're being a bully now. Of course bullies need to be called out, but it's not phasing this person anymore.

I was simply saying that bullies feed off attention and I figured if we all took that away from her, it would stop her insults. I wasn't trying to offend anyone. What you said is outright mean. I could say something mean back, but that would be pointless.

Treat people how you want to be treated. How hypocritical of you to say you stand against bullies and then say something so rude to me for offering my "terrible advice". You completely missed my point. So, that is all.

y'all have fun bullying each other. You're no better than this "Bridgette" woman.


I don't need your permission or advice. Did i ask you to tell me what to do?

No. So go bug someone else. If you're getting mad and angry at others for calling out and confronting others that deserve then you're acting like you're not educated.

Then you're missing the point. These bullies need a life lesson.


Just stop responding to this jacka$$. It's only encouraging them.

You take away a bully's power when you ignore them. It takes the "fun" out of it for them.


The last time i checked. People have the right to stand up for themselves.

And if you don't like that. That is really not your problem or business. You're not allowed to tell others what to do when their dealing with a bully.

People are always going to call them out and confront them. Guess your brain and education is not working well to understand.


Where in that comment does it say any of that? You totally missed the point.

I didn't say any of that. And what an immature thing to say! It baffles me how mean people can be. You are the one that isn't understanding.

Confronting a bully and putting them in their place is essential, yes. But there are hundreds off comments just going back and forth. It's all redundant and she isn't getting it. One day, she's going to get what's coming to her.

And I hope she does because she's saying some horrid things that deserve repercussions.

But how is what you just said to me not bullying? Pot calling the kettle black, I'd say.

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