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When I explained the problem with the product I had purchased, 5 or 6 Walmart employees started arguing with me, and I had to explain my position repeatedly and with multiple employees basically calling me a liar and implying that I had done something inappropriate. A Walmart employee either failed by placing used item on shelf for sale, or engaged in a criminal act by stealing a steam cleaner and intentionally placing a used item in the box and on the shelf for sale.

Either a huge error or a criminal act by one or more Walmart employees.

Then they compounded this by horrendous customer service and failure to treat customer with basic decency and respect. Walmart needs to screen employees for criminal behavior before hiring, especially in Forest Park, where this debacle took place.

Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2015

I visited the Forest Park, Illinios Walmart to purchase several items, including a steam cleaner. I visited the store at about 1 pm on a Friday.

The problems started once I returned home with my purchases. I opened the box containing the Bissell steam cleaner, which cost $120 before taxes. I had noticed that the box was taped shut with a clear tape, like a stronger transparent tape, along all of the top edges of the box. I thought it had maybe been opened by a customer to view the product.

Well, I took all of the parts out of the box, expecting to find instructions to help me put the cleaner together. I found no instructions, but I did notice that the reservoir for the cleaning fluid and water was wet. I was immediately concerned that the cleaner had been used and returned to the store. I put everything back in the box and called the store to tell them that I suspected the item to be previously used, and that I would be bringing it back for return or exchange.

The Walmart employee I spoke with said to bring it back. I arrived at the store at just before 5 pm and waited in a long line at the customer service desk. When I gave the clerk the box with the steam cleaner, she opened it up and examined the contents. Then she informed me abruptly that I could not return the item.

I asked why, and was told that it did not match the item number on the box, and that the cleaner did not belong with the box. I told her that I had just bought it, taken it home and opened it, then brought it back. I had never put it together or used it. Then a manager came and flipped the unit over and determined that it was quite worn, apparently having been used extensively.

I told them that I had not used it, and that they should check to see if the brushes were wet, as they would certainly be if it had been used recently. They ignored my question, and another employee that I mentioned the brush not being wet to, just told me that he does not know anything about the item. I asked him if it would be logical to assume that the brushes would be wet if it had been used within a day, and he also refused to answer or acknowledge my question. I told them that they could come check my home and they would find that none of my furniture or rugs had been cleaned and all were dry (and in need of a good cleaning, which is why I wanted the steam cleaner).

I was told that the item did not belong with the box and that it had been used, so I could not return it. I maintained that I did not use it, and that there was not enough time elapsed for me to have used it between when I purchased it, transported it home and back to the store, for me to use it, and that if I had it would still be wet, and that the wear on the item showed that it had been used for months or years, and I had just purchased it a few hours earlier. They tried to imply that I had put an old steam cleaner into a box and attempted to return it. I have never returned a large item like this, and I have a Bissell vacuum which I purchased at the same store, which I use and have no intention of returning.

I spoke with another manager, and asked her if she was concerned that this item had been on the shelf in the wrong box, repackaged and put on the shelf by an employee at the store, and she just told me that this item had not been sold in the last 5 weeks, so she was basically telling me that I was attempting to defraud the store in some way, and that I was lying. A Walmart employee or even a manager either took home a brand new steam cleaner and put an old one in the box for the new one and placed this old, worthless item on the shelf for sale OR allowed a customer to return an old, used item in the wrong box without checking the contents. Either way, Walmart is at fault, and their subsequent treatment of a regular customer (former customer at this point), was unprofessional, shoddy and inappropriate. Walmart made a mistake, then compounded it by horrific customer service.

I will never again purchase anything at Walmart anywhere. I will take my business to Kmart, Target and other reputable retailers, where customer service is much better and quality of merchandise is much higher.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Getting worse, Ignorance of employees, Unprofessional management, Dishonest walmart employees.

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So the employees should believe you? Yet at the same time, you are saying that the employees are engaging in criminal activity with no more proof of that than they have of what happened with the steam cleaner.

So really what you are doing is accusing them of the same thing that they are accusing you of. You're the one who left the store with the machine so the burden of proof lies with you not them. While you were in the store shopping for a steam cleaner, you never once noticed that the box looked previously opened until you got home? Most people would either check the contents before purchasing or have an employee to check.

Your accusations make you look more guilty and I would side with the employees on this one.

Sounds like you switched them and attempted to get a new machine for free. Not buying your story.


Well, I can see that the Anonymous commenter has remedial reading skills and no logic. First of all, there are many taped boxes in any retail store, with many reasonable reasons.

I assumed that the package had been opened so a customer to look at the item before purchase, then decided against buying it and it was taped by employees. And I pointed out the tape to an employee in the department, and even asked her if the floor model was available for purchase. And what the employees implied about me was NOT the equivalent of the theories I have about the machine. If you could read even at a first grade level, you would see that I considered one possibility as a previous customer return that was not properly examined by a Wal-mart employee, which is not anything I could do, as I am not a Wal-mart employee.

So how is Wal-mart improperly processing returned merchandise the same thing as you suspect me of doing? Secondly, the employees have access to the inventory, and many are present in the store at times when the store is closed, giving them ample opportunity for theft or other despicable acts. I, unlike you or the employees I encountered at Wal-mart, have many people who would vouch for my character, and attest to the fact that I have NEVER OWNED A STEAM CLEANER OF ANY MODEL. Are you saying that I have steam cleaners sitting around my home, waiting for the chance to take them to Wal-mart in an attempt to do what - get money for an exchange or get a free machine?

Have you heard the saying that those that come up with accusations are those that have perpetrated the crime, so it is the most obvious course of events in their (small, sad) minds.

I asked several employees to come to my home with me to show them that my furniture and rugs had not been cleaned. Sounds like you are the kind of person that would and has stolen everything you could get your hands on every chance you got.


And YES, I expected them to believe me. YOU might be the kind of person who should not be trusted, but I am not.

I have perfect credit, so I can purchase items, rather than perpetrating some kind of scam for a $120 steam cleaner. Do people really try to get away with this??? And I got angry, but a guilty individual would not.

I am shocked and dismayed that people like you exist, as you obviously have taken old items to retailers in an attempt to defraud, cheat and steal. Sad.


I don't and never have stolen anything and I am well educated...thank you. You are so angry and quick to judge others.

I don't care about your great credit or how popular you are. You implied that the employees are thieves with no such proof yet you get angry and insulted when you feel you have been accused of the same. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Just because you claim that there was a used machine in the box when you opened it at home is not proof.

If stores took customers word every time they heard that, they would be out of business in no time because people try to pull that all the time. They are not obligated to refund or exchange anything without proof.

Guilty people DO get angry because they got called. out on their obvious scam and they believe that getting angry makes their story seem more credible.So, it is what it is and you can insult me all day long, its all good if it makes you feel any better.Inviting the employees to go to your house to check for wet carpets and furniture was a little over the top.I could always use a good laugh.


Well the Wal-Mart manager keeps trying to respond to the facts but just shows herself to be the ignorant uneducated thief she is. Anonymous, please take even a basic college level course before you continue to make a fool of yourself by rebutting logic with nonsense.

No, brain trust, a guilty person would be concerned about being caught, not being cheated out of the cost of the item. Please crawl back to Wal-Mart, where you are trapped in a meaningless position, where you have no real power or authority.

And you know I was not the scammer you say I was or you would not have given me the new machine. Glad I am not you.


The assistant store manager was a homely creature who hates any woman who looks good, so I was punished by this jealous, ignorant, uneducated frumpy. Oh well, at least my mirror won't break when I look into it like herself will. Still laughing Miss manager?


Lol. Testy little thing aren't you.

Well, first off, I don't work for Walmart and yes I am still laughing. Every time you type your childish ignorant comments.How old are you? 8? Isn't it past your bedtime?

Its obvious that you enjoy dishing out accusations and insults but you just can't take it when its thrown back at you. Yes I find your comments amusing and childish and I'm sure this is the same temper tantrum you had at Walmart when you didn't get your way. Anyway, I must go, us grownups have to go to work and make a living. BTW, my name is Jeff so that would be "Mr.

Manager" to you. Lmao!!