Poteau, Oklahoma

this is the first time i have ever complained on any company but as walmart is going to loose a good customer i feel it only fair to tell why . im tired of walking all over the store to never find the item, produce that isnt fit to eat, price rollbacks that arent rollbacks and in some instances a price raise,standing in line for checkout for over an hour.

never more than 2 or three checkers working nobody in departments to help or answer a question. no, i wont be back the prices can be beaten all over in retail stores

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To the original poster: Your complaint is legitimate. I work for Wal-Mart, and i can tell you that Wal-Mart's idea of improving customer service is to cut back on the number of associates.

Every time the corporate office in Bentonville has announced cutbacks in personnel, they've preface the announcement with rhetoric about "to improve customer service in our stores," etc.

Now, I'll you why (even though it feels good to get it off your chest) posting here will do NOTHING to improve the situation. Most likely, NO ONE from Corporate is reading anything on this site. Even IF they are, after wading through pages of trolls and people whining about things that are their own fault (or legitimate complaints that are actually about other companies), your post will be lost amongst all those others.

Also, Wal-Mart's corporate office doesn't look at lost sales unless they can quantify them and see that the money they are losing is more than what they are saving.

I'm going to tell you what I tell customers at my store who have the same complaints as you: Call the corporate office and complain to THEM. Nothing will change, unless they get enough complaints from customers to let them know just how much money (and how many sales) they are losing from their misguided efforts to cut costs.



1. The correct spelling is parents, not perents.

2. The correct spelling is checkers, not checkes. He had the word spelled correctly, then you misspelled it.

3. You have a period followed by a question mark in number six.

4. Ironically, you use a sentence fragment as well. The final sentence in your paragraph is a fragment.


Jake says Irish also has many spelling errors yet does not name one for proof.


Hello Irish, your comment is also filled with spelling and other errors. :-)


Well one is not as bad as 20.


I like how you owned this poster. Also perhaps " whinyconsumersrpussies" is a child also since she does not know sarcism? Anone over the age of six can tell that your "they will go out of business" post is sarcastic.

@good one Irish

Review what you wrote...then do a spelling check

Scott D

Awesome, Irish!


Even the spelling police make mistakes I see -


Neat word....


FYI-Listen to IRISH (below) you ***, its Wal-mart...the largest retail organization on Earth. Do you think that when you leave your trailer in the afternoon after that hard day on the unemployment line to get your check that anyone gives a *** about you.


you get what you pay for


Oh you told them all right. You not being a customer is going to make them go bankrupt. Prices are going up everywhere. Also isn't it your perents decision where to shop? So your plan to drive them out of business won't work. I mean with your run on sentences and lack of proper grammar. Surely you are in grade one. Just a few hints for your future so you don't fail your English assignments.

1. Use a spell check.

2. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.

3.Proper nouns begin with a capital letter.

4. Wal-mart is going to "lose" a customer not "loose" a customer.

5. It is "I'm" not :im." "isn't" not isnt and "won't" not wont.

6. For never more than 2 or three checkes you should spell the word. Is "two" too hard for you to spell.? :D Either that or use numerals for both, don't mix them up.