Irving, Texas
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Every time I try to check out at the South Irving Wal-Mart, the lines are SUPER long and it takes up to 30-min or more to check out. And this past Saturday, their systems were down and they could only accept cash.

I waited so long in line that my frozen items melted and then when I got up to my turn to check out, the lady checking out said she was off duty and walked away, without having a replacement there to take her place, so we waited even longer. Finally someone came along to help us out, but then the computer system was still having problems so a third of the items in my basket I could not get because they would not ring up.

It was a circus there, and I was really frightened that a fight or riot would break out because people were so angry. Will not go back in there ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I am feeling the same way. I went to my local walmart 800am was done shopping by 8-45 went to check out and they didnt have one line open only express and self check out.

I got in the express which upset another customers who decided to tell me I was in the wrong check out.

the cashier overheard and said WALMART doesnt have any other lines open and she (I) has more then self check out will allow. he was angry and left his cart


Where was his mommy when he got angry and harassed you for going to the express line, clearly an adult would not behave this way?


You must be young and limited on where you can go if you keep going back, and why blame them for computers going down, would you like it if your boss fired you from an office job if the computers went down.