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After my granddaughter came home with visting with her father we found that her father (who doesn't have custodal rights at all but we were being nice) took her to get her ears pierced at Wal-mart. After calming my daughter down and her yelling at my gbabies father.

I called Wal-mart to see what their earpiercing policy was. All of the stores that we visited non-walmart said they require a birth cert and shot records for a 10 month old to get their ears pierced. Wal-mart said that all they required is a signature from an adult / legal guardian of the child. They don't check birth records to verify this.

I asked them how they verify that they are acutally the legal guardian of a child and they again said that they don't check they just take their word for it. Anyone could take a minor to get their ears pierced without a legal guardian present just by signing a paper stating, "yes, I'm their guardian."

I would like to see Wal-Mart update their policy like other locations and acutally require documented proof.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Piercing.

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I believe your baby daddy did something illegal and immoral. That would be falsifying documents you twit.

If it's that big of a deal, take him to court.

Should be a pretty easy case for you to win and would prevent your precious child from being put in a situation like that again. Or, keep crying that its not your fault.