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Walmart on Serene at Eastern in Las Vegas Sux.

The fools in there dont speak ANY English and cant figure out what isle any products are on. Im going back to Target.


stu ipd chinese immigants fresh off the boat for $5.oo / hr. Might as well not even have a walmart here because you cant accomplish anything by going in there. HELLO WALMART: WAKEUP!at least they hire americans at target. DONT go to any walmart near or far.

immigration city i thought i was in jarez mexico. blah blah blah blah slanteye blah hit me

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219622

At least learn how to use capital letterf for proper nouns and how to use periods before accusing someone of not speaking English. If you use run on sentences to talk as you do to write this letter perhaps they don't understand your own special version of the English language.

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