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How does Walmart expect one to enjoy our shopping, when it's always to hot. One goes into Walmart and the only cool place is when you walk in and the Refrigerated areas.

How does Walmart control the temperature from another state, when the Walmart is in Levelland, Texas and not there. Walmart would have a lot more customers if it was cool enough to shop and compare, instead of lets get out of here it's cooler outside then inside this store. Get it fixed it's HOT HOT HOT. Fix it PLEASE.

PLEASE. Fix it now before it get even hotter.

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I'm sure they have the cooling set at what is standard temperature. It will also have something to do with how often the doors open.

If it is like where I live, that is almost constantly, then there are the people that think they have to stand in the doorways and visit with somebody, thus keeping the doors open longer than necessary. Did you ever stop to think maybe there aren't that many people that think it is too hot in the store?


Actually the cooling system, as well as heating is set from Arkansas. If corporate feels that the temperature should be good for your climate they leave it that way, sadly nothing an individual store can do about it.