Cleveland, Ohio

The past 3 times I went into the older walmart in town I left very displeased. The first time I went in their electronics department with the intention to buy a wii AND Laptop.

The electronic employee was talking to the photo lab employee. When I approached her she saw me but continued her personal conversation when I asked her if she could help me she said she'll be with me in a moment And Continuef her conversation. Then she came and answered my question on the Wii and walked not only away but out of the department, leaving it empty of employees. I was ready to select a laptop but she never showed up.

15mins later I saw an associate by the electronics and I asked her if someone could help me she practically cut me off saying im on lunch and didnt even look at me.

Ileft pissed. It seems everytime I go in there they would rather talk to eacht

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walmart has excessive managers not enough workers. 3 managers were walking around the registers explaining how the new supercenter was going to work while they had 2 cashiers out of 25 registers.

The cashier at the checkout counter I was at was saying I am not even supposed to be ringing I am supposed to be greeting customers. I told her she better keep ringing or they will not have any customers to greet. 5 months later I ran in again to the new SUPERCENTER it is deserted no one shops at it yogurt was dated september 9 it was October 24, touched a bag of oranges to fruit flies coming out in droves. Will never return again.

Fire all the management hire actually workers that can turn over expired products. No one needs a bunch of suits walking around tooting their horns.

you need managers that can see a need and fill it.


If an employee is off the clock and at lunch then by law they can't help you. Nothing she could do.


I was saying that if the employee is on lunch then she is now allowed by law to help you. She is off the clock.


I think you might be leaving out some details on the first part of the story.