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I dont know why I kept going back to the Pharmacy at this Walmart for over a year. The people working there fill the wrong prescriptions, that's if they even fill it.

They are the most incompetent bunch of people working at a pharmacy and they even blamed me for telling them the wrong prescription refill. I know exactly what I order especially when my eye sight depends on it. On average I would leave there upset 1 out of 2 times.

They are also understaffed and lines are ridiculous at times. I now drive a longer distance to Walgreens where they know what they are doing.

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Don't go there anymore then, asswipe. If my pharmacy kept screwing up my meds, common sense, I'd go to another one.

It isn't that difficult to change pharmacies.

You just have the new pharmacy call your former one for the scripts and present your insurance information to the new pharmacy. It's your own laziness that keeps you from enjoying good service at a better pharmacy than Walmart.


I'm surprised MrsLea hasn't commented to let you know that her "home office husband" can take care of that problem for you.

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