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On May 31, 2015, the showerhead in my main bathroom broke. The only place in town that sells these types of things after 5:00 pm is Walmart so my wife and I drove to Walmart to get a new one and we did some light grocery shopping while we were there. On the bottom shelf we found a showerhead combo that had a great price of $9.99 on the shelf sticker and there was another identical showerhead behind it so we figured it was a sale item or overstock that Walmart was trying to get rid of. When we finished our purchase at the register the total was $20.00 more than what I had calculated so I asked the cashier what the price of the showerhead was. She scanned it and it rang up at $29.99. I asked her to get a price check since the shelf tag displayed it as $9.99. A female manager came over and took the item and came back saying that an employee must have put them in that spot because they were "overstock". I asked her to honor the price on the shelf and she refused so I advised her I was going to file a complaint. She said "go ahead, Walmart isn't going to care". I asked her for her name and she moved behind the counter and said "I don’t have to give you my name". I looked around the counter and saw that her name was Denise. She said it won’t matter because there are alot of Denises at the store and Walmart won’t know which one is her, so I took my phone out and took her picture, which she then advised I couldn't do. I advised her again I was going to file a complaint and then I gathered my things and my wife and I left the store.

I want Walmart to honor the price displayed on the shelf and reimburse me for the difference that I paid. It is unreasonable that any customer should have to get down on their hands and knees and check those little tiny numbers on the tag against the product placed there. This has happened to me numerous times at this Walmart and i'm tired of being treated this way. I also want Walmart to write an apology for the way I was treated, and furthermore, why does Walmart have a policy of their employees not giving their name when a customer makes it clear they need it to file a valid complaint?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: pricing and customer service .

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: i want refunded the difference between the advertised price and the purchased price and an apology letter from Walmat.

Walmart Cons: Staff.

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Last year I was so impressed with the yarn department, great selection of colours and types of yarn. This year there is a very poor selection, the size of the department has been cut so small, you wonder why they have any? Very disappointed!


Yes!! This same thing happened to us!

It was a carpet cleaner.

The shelf had it listed for $89.99 but it rang up $149.99. They said it was priced wrong on the shelf but refused to honor it.


Sorry people who posted nasty comments, but this happened to me ALL the TIME in every Wal Mart I shopped at, so I stopped shopping at them. I have three Wal Marts in my local area and two near where a relative lives.

It happened in every department --items rang up at a price NOT according to the UPC price on the shelf. I would physically check to make sure the price it said on the shelf was the price it would ring up as, and low and behold, I get to the checkout and it's a different price. It got to be time consuming and ridiculous to keep checking prices, and it was happening so often to people in line in front of me, that I knew it wasn't just my problem. If it had happened in just one store or for one or two items, I would blame myself for not checking.

But on a consistent basis? No way! I have worked retail before, and I know that people put things back in the wrong place. But when a store is understaffed, as Wal Marts usually are, there is no time to check shelves and put merchandise back where it belongs.

As a customer, if you don't want something, put it back where it belongs or give it to the cashier so it can be put back where it belongs. Don't be ignorant or lazy and add to the problem! The very last time I shopped at a Wal Mart, I did check the price for a Shark steam cleaner by matching the UPC code on the product with the one on the shelf. At the register, the total seemed off, and I asked the cost of the tax.

The cashier told me and I said that couldn't be correct, it didn't add up. She said, "Oh, I charged you $5 for a warranty." I told her I didn't ask for one and she did not mention it before she rang up the sale. She said they were told to charge for the warranty. I told her to take it off and re-ring the sale.

She told me she needed a manager's approval to do that. Really???

It took more than 5 minutes for a manager to show up, and when she did, she acted like it was my fault that they charged me an extra $5. Check your receipts if you shop there.


Why doesn't Walmart have a policy stating employees must give there name? Because of *** like you who try to scam the store by switching labels and then try to get the associates in trouble for catching you! Just be thankful Denise did not call security and have you losers thrown out of the store.


"I also want Wal Mart to write an apology for the way I was treated."



I can't STAND customers like you.


There is a such thing as someone putting it in the wrong spot. Either someone overstocked it and plugged it into the incorrect spot or a customer decided they didn't want it and placed it in the wrong spot. They are under no obligation to honor that price if that's the case.


It's amazing that you are complaining about this. Anyone can move an item from one place and then put it back in another place.

Did you check the Bar Code to see if it matched the code listed on the price marker? I have always found WalMart to be very reasonable when there are problems, and no clerk has ever been rude to me even when I was tired, hot, and cranky and was less than pleasant to her/him (happened only one time and I later went back and apologized for my behavior).


this site sucks. they never post my comments. f o .


I cant believe you would go online and possibly cause this woman to lose her job. She might have kids and probably really needs her job.

You should have apologized for the mistake and gone home. Have a little compassion and stop thinking the world is all about you.


Something about this screams "troll" but I'll just pretend that I think you are telling the truth. First off, you believed that this shower head was below $10.

Why would that kind of shower head be $10? I hope that you're not a plumber. I'll bet that you put it there yourself and was hoping that you would get it for a lower price. Other customers more than likely put it there because they were too lazy to put it back in the right spot.

Don't you think it is worth it to look at the UPC number?

Ah, nevermind. You think it is worth it to take pictures of people and dehumanized them.


wow, you sound like kevin richards. calling people trolls and putting them down.

you are dehumanizing this person, aten't you?

good luck with life. you must be divorced.


If the product is not in the right spot, Walmart is under no obligation to honor the price. If the $9.99 shower head is a Moen and what you have is a Delta the store has no legal obligation to honor that price because it's the wrong product.

Just because someone puts an item under a $9.99 price tag doesn't make it correct. In fact another customer could have switched the price tag/product and that is illegal.

Even if this was store error and an employee stocked the item in the wrong place, the store is making an 'offer to treat' in legal terms. They say we are offering this product for $9.99. You then say "I would like to buy this product for $9.99".

They however are under no obligation to sell it to you.

A price tag is not a binding contract. The store can refuse a sale at any time, though obviously this does vary with local laws.


You aren't on the WalMart website so all your whining here isn't going to do you any good. You are on a general complaint site.

It isn't WalMart's fault that you don't want to check all of the numbers on the tags that are on the shelves to verify if the item you want belongs with that tag. Do you know that people can get into trouble if they take pictures in some stores? You are just plain trying to get that manager into trouble because you didn't get your way. Apparently, you aren't smart enough to figure out that the manager might have been following company policy, and you just decided she was picking on you.

If you have had problems at that WalMart before why did you go there?

I'm sure you and your wife could have got by without showers for one night, if nothing else, you could have taken tub baths. Grow up!


Thank you. You said everything I wanted to say.

Plus they have price checkers all over the store. I use them all the time if I'm not sure of a price.


Another greedy customer. She should sue you for posting her picture online without her permission.