Huntington Beach, California

After a 45 minute wait in line at my local Walmart store in Pico Rivera, CA, It was finally my turn to step to the young lady to return an item. As I explained my return she had a "i dont care" type of attitude and didnt say much and threw my money on the counter and said "NEEEXT" I was annoyed by her attitude and asked her name since she didnt have a name tag. She said im not going to give it to you, why do you need it? I looked around to see if I caould find another associate to give me her name but all of the other workers pretended nothing was happening. I asked this one lady for the Supervisor and she said she was not there, So I asked for the persone in charge at that moment and the rude girl that had helped me came to me and said "that would be me". I was so upset that no one was able to help me.

I went back a few days later to see if I could speak to the Supervisor and all I could get from her was "I will def take care of that" she also gave me her name, "Sandra".

Other than that annoying experience, Walmart has 20 cashier stations but they only open 3-4, the lines are horribly long and Cashiers are so darn slow. OMG! specially when they make an error and need to wait for the shift lead to use her code and key...on boy! I dont know how Walmart does it...So rude and annoying. Its been a year I dont shop at Walmart. Its not worth my time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Ive always said that I think if people want to shop at walmart they must work there for a week out of their life. its ***!

you have NO idea. We get rude customers all day, customers who try and scam you and when you tell them no give you an EXTREMLY hard time. Its ridiculous. Then you have managment, coming up w.

new *** everyday.

Nothing is consistent and going day to day not knowing what the heck could happen is stressful. Also We dont have to tell you our names.


They're not obligated to tell you there names. You got medicore service at a wallmart.

STOP THE *** PRESSES. Get over it.

John N

This is the WalMart we all know and love. Their customer service is now a joke and since they seem to never have enough checkout lanes open, I simply stopped going there and go instead to Meijer, etc. I do not need to save a few bucks if I have to put up with WalMart's attitude.