Hopatcong, New Jersey

My girlfriend wanted to purchase some fabric at the Walmart in Rockaway, NJ. She brought the fabric to the table where they cut off yards for you, and nobody was there.

We waited five minutes and still nobody. I found a manager and asked if we could get some help in the fabric section so she radio'ed someone to help us. We waited another five minutes and nobody came. My girlfriend found an employee and asked him if we could get some help, he told us to go ask a guy with a radio because he didn't have one.

She asked another guy for help and he told us to find the photo girl because she cuts the fabric sometimes. We found the photo girl finally after 25 minutes and she was able to help us. My girlfriend asked to speak to a manager to complain about the terrible customer service and the girl said to go to customer service. We waited in line at the customer service desk for what seemed like forever and asked them if we could speak to a manager.

She called a manager over the loudspeaker and told us to step off to the side and wait for the manager to come. We waited another 10 minutes and nobody ever came. We were so infuriated with how poorly the place was run that we wanted to get in touch with a manager. There was a number for the district manager on the wall so we called the number.

It just kept ringing and there was no answering machine.

Finally we just agreed that we're done with Walmart forever. I will never set foot in another Walmart for as long as I live.

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I don't know what you have been using(cocaine, LSD) but Walmart got rid of their fabric department years ago. If this man cannot wait for ten minutes he most likely abuses his girlfriend and obviously for sure thinks the world revolves around him and that the managers should stop what they are doing ignore everyone else and help him.


the original poster, their partner and the last two commenters are nothing but big whiny babies that think store employees are there to be their slaves. get over yourselves and be patient. and take the stick out of your ***


There is very poor management at the rockaway Walmart. Been that way since they opened back in '05.

Rockaway Walmart is well known for its ver poor customer service. You are not alone with your ridiculous time consuming experience.


I live in Northern Georgia, but I miss living in NJ. I was born and raised in Elizabeth.

If you ask me, I much prefer any store rather than walmart, they have terrible customer service and any place is better than them.

They're not so cheap either. If you compare to other places, some of their services are quite pricey; changing you oil, for one.