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I am a black woman that recently moved to predominately white suburban Round Rock, Texas from predominately black Monroe, Louisiana. I have found the people here so far to be racist and hateful to the.

core. The local Walmart is the worst I have experienced so far. The other day I was trying to return a weight set that I had bought there for $25.00. I didn't have my receipt, but I did pay for it with a debit card.

At first they said that they couldn't find my purchase when they looked it up in the system. Then when they did find it, they said I couldn't return something for over $20 without a receipt. Luckily I had my husband with the time and he did the remainder of the return. Then today I was followed all around the store by some security guy.

Then as I was leaving the alarm went off because the cashier forgot to deactivate one of my purchases.

They practically strip searched me at the door. As I was leaving all the white folk, as usual, were locking their cars when they saw me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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walmart in round rock anywhere in Austin :( are a bunch of bull and you know the rest hey everyone who read walmart papers don't believe *** they say in there. Its nothing but false advertisement


I am not black, hispanic. I have lived in Round Rock since 1987.

I have been to a couple of stores where I have been followed, but it has become a rare event.

I do not shop Walmart for the simple fact that I do not like them. Try Target or someother place, you won't have to put up with any of that non-sense.


I also experienced racist behavior at this walmart in round rock with employees following me in the store as I was shopping. It was a terrible feeling.

And people in this store were giving hateful looks. This is the worst experience I have ever had at a Walmart. I just moved to round rock and I am black. Also I was followed in the salvation army store in round rock by several employees like I really was going to steal something.

Yes I agree the round rock Walmart employees are not welcoming to blacks.

I will take my money to Target! :sigh


There are racists everywhere you go. It's disgusting. But I think the original poster is a bit paranoid.


I moved to Round Rock TX back in 2010 from Nebraska. I think the lady is right.

The way people threat you here is different compare to Nebraska or Iowa where I lived before. Yes, everybody is not racist but there are a bunch in Round Rock. As a Black male, I don't see how I will succeed in this city. I have decided to move my family to a bigger city.

I had a similar issue with the pharmacist in this walmart.

I wanted some over-the counter medicine for my daughter who had some scars on her hand, and this *** guy refused to look at it. Yup, there are some great people there but some of them I think qualified to be called RACIST


It's called paranoia. There is medication for that.

See a doctor. ***


I live in Round Rock, No mostly white:) I'm not white and haven't had issues with racism here, some people will take anything and cry "it's because I'm black" Seriously?


I don't believe any of these racist stories posted on here.


Racism does exist in this world but you make it harder for us to believe those who truly are affected by racism. Then not allowing you to return more than $20 worth of merchandise is store policy and has nothing to do with the colour of your skin.

Yeah it sucks that the cashier forgot to deactivate your purchase but they "strip searched" you because the alarm went off not because you are black. Seriously move to another town if you think everyone in your town is racist. Okay perhaps you were followed around because you were black, perhaps it is something wrong. Can't prove it was a race issue.

But crying racism over a policy that everyone has to follow is NOT racism. It is only if you are singled out and they have a separate policy for you.


Usually the people who cry racism are the ones who are racist themselves. Bad customer service occasionally happens to all of us.

You need to get over the color of your skin already. I'm sorry you have a problem with it, but it doesn't mean that everyone else does.