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More then ten years ago I used to do most of my shopping at Walmart. Over the years it turned into a trickle.

I had never used the in store pick up before and had read that it was now in the front of the store instead of hiking to the back. Any item I had purchased over the purchased through Walmart over the past five years had free delivery. I found a item on a deal site through Walmart and choose ship to store to give it another try. Amazon Prime had recently became my choice but the membership is soon coming up and wanted to gauge if I needed to pay the one hundred dollars.

Well, after today's experience I will be renewing Amazon. I ordered before Easter and when I got the email for pick up I called the store and asked the person in the pick up department if I could have a extra day to pick up the item. Gave him my name and the order number and he said not to worry, the routine was to give the item a couple of extra days then what the email stated. I had found this true at toys r us and other stores so I felt comfortable with his assurance.

I made the trip to pick up the item the day after the expire date on the email. The first guy put my name in the system and spent ten minutes looking through the closet for my item. He then asked for my email. I went out to my car found the printed email and brought it in.

Another gentleman was at the desk and ask for my name again. He put my name in the computer and he could see that it was returned already. The same information the other guy had that kept me in the store for over twenty minutes.

I know it is minor compared to these other issues but I wanted to back my voice that I gave them a try again and will not again. I feel that walmart is going the way of Kmart.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Communication on shipping, Ordering.

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Orders do not expire for nearly 3 weeks. After that the system will close out the order and require the store to send it back and the customer will be refunded.

It sounds like you waited a lot longer than you let the store know when you called and asked for a few extra days. With the large majority of orders that come in everyday, there is no place to store packages that are up for return.

There is literally no room, so the orders that are expired must be shipped back. Before that happens, you get multiple emails from, and multiple phone calls from the site to store clerk.