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I was in Walmart in Tampa on 9-24-2010 the cash register was just taking debit or credit cards just cash.(no one carrys cash) I had to go across the street and withdrawal 100.00 for my items, the bank charged me $5.00 for this transaction because it was not a Bank of America were I have my account. They should have taken these transaction the old way by hand writting the information by hand but I guess the cashiers are not that smart to do this or not train to do it.I think walmart lost a lot of money that day and I think they should reimburse me the $5.00.

Thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon which I dont think I will. Patricia Allen jori2@gte.net (813) 931-3597

Monetary Loss: $71.

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Well Randon, she should have checked her letter over before submitting. These things happen all the time at any store(credit card machines going down.) It is because of her own stupidity as not to check her letter over before submitting that is making her look bad.


In big stores such as Wal-mart, you can be sure that their credit machines will break with all of the wear they recieve. Sometimes, stores have to only accept cash, while their machines are being fixed.

It is also, not Wal-marts fault that you went to a bank that is not yours. You also say that no one carries cash anymore. That is true, but it is pretty *** if you think about it. Say you only have credit.

You depend on the stores machines working properly. you depend on the bank having their networks open to allow t transaction. You also depend on the transaction not being big enough to trigger the "theft" block. Now, let's say we have cash...

You get your bill you pay your bill you get ur change and ur out...

see how easy that is? cash is deffinat while credit is dependant on so many other things.


If what you meant was that they were ONLY taking cash...then look at it this way: To process a Credit/Debit purchase, it has to be APPROVED. The cashier simply taking down your credit card number and not beinf able to run it is the equivalent to you writing a big "I O U" on a piece a paper and walking out the store.

Oh, and WHY would you put your contact information on here?


Honestly, Tuffnell made a gramatical error in her sentence. You guys need to get a life and stop analyzing such stupidity.


It may be a lot of money to a begger like you, but to them it is nothing. I know that you are young and when you stole your parents debit card since you have to be 18 to have one, but you should know that sometimes the machines which take credit card's and debit cards go down.

Also you are not ver smart either to know that these machine's go down, nor is your wording correct. You are confusing everyone.

Not smart at all are you? You really must be 6 years old like I originally thought.



Did you mean to say they weren't taking credit or debit cards and only accepting cash?


If they were only taking credit or debit cards, why did you have to go to an ATM to withdraw cash? Why didn't you just use your card at Walmart?