Last night I went to Walmart the same one I have been going to since they open and last night was by far the worst customer service I have experienced in any place that is suppose to help and care for there customers. I went to get formula for my 5 month old and that's all I did was walk up to customer service and ask if they new when it would be in because every time I go there either they are always out or only have 1 or 2 cans left..

yes my question was answered but not in the correct way..... rude..... then I proceeded to ask her if she would be able to call another store to see if they had it ? The answer that I got was no im sorry I'm the only one here and can't do that?

Really.... incorrect answer again. That's what happens when people are getting paid *** they treat there customers like that also. Maybe I shouldn't feel this way but really?

She could have took 2 seconds and called another local store for me. I Will NOT SHOP There Any longer

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #950806

You do know that you can check their website to see which store has it in stock, correct? That or you can just call the store yourself.

However, I just have a hard time believing you for some reason. Why would you go to Customer Service instead of asking a sales associate?


Did you even go to the shelf and see if they had it? You say all you did was walk up to customer service to see if they knew...if you did go to the shelf and it was out, then you should have found someone in that department for your inquiries.

The cashiers aren't going to know of they have something or when more is coming in because they are on the registers, not the sales floor. Also, it's not really their job to call around to other stores to do your shopping for you. You could have taken the "2 seconds" and called them yourself. If she was the only one working customer service then she probably had other customers to attend to.

Because of the rest of your ridiculous complaints, I have a hard time believing that the associate was rude. I think that since she wasn't able to pull what you wanted out of thin air, you mistook that as rudeness.


You could take the time to learn how to spell, capitalize, punctuate, and use proper grammar, before you criticize other people. As far as calling another store, couldn't you have used your cell phone and done it yourself.

I don't see anything in your entire complaint that indicates that he employee was rude to you. You just wanted to be catered to. When you go to any store and see the type of formula that you need, buy some of it and make sure you always have some on hand. Another solution would be to make the good, old fashioned Carnation Milk formula.

I also get the idea from you complaint that you didn't even go to the area where the formula would be because you stated that all you did was walk up to the customer service desk and ask if the cashier "new" when it would be in.

I wonder if you are actually old enough to be a parent.

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