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My mother and i purchased a air mattress from wal mart, it was not holding air and i had already exchanged it twice so at this point we wanted in store credit. We went to the walmart on vance jackson and met the rudest customer service manager by the name of Darren and another associate by the name of David.

They said i could only exchange for the same exact item....been there done that and that item was not in stock. i showed them proof of purchase and told everything we had already been through and all he kept saying was that he would not take it back and he ripped open the box basically demolishing it so that no other store would.

If something isnt done to rememdy this situation my mother will cancel her walmart credit card and i will return over $1,500 in merchandise i just purchased for my new home. I am currently pregnant with twins and it looks like i will be doing the shopping for my babies elsewhere.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Threatening to shop elsewhere or return merchandise back to the store just because they didn't change their policy for you is your choice. I hope you have all your receipts and your within the 90 day window.

No cash refunds without receipt and store credit only up to a certain amount without a receipt. Hard to believe that all 3 air mattresses wouldn't hold air. You sound like a borrower. One that buys an item for a temporary need then returns it when no longer needed.

The airbed policy is hanging up in the department and at customer service and it applies to everyone! What makes you think your better than anybody else?


No store will return an open air mattress, or any mattress. It is a health issue.