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Walmart should be out of business as they could are less about customer service!!! Ordered tv 10times.

Employees STOLE them from site to store pickup!!!! Promised to have my tvs by3:08 pm. When I asked them where they were they said they didn't have them, but they had my money! The employees at the East Meadow store in Long Island NY stole my tvs!!!

Customer service could care less about the shady thievery as long as they got their merchandise. All their excuse ,ale no sense at all!!

I ordered the same tv 10 times and don't have a single one to show for it!!! FAIL!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $647.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Took my money.

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Exactly what do you hope to accomplish by posting on pissedconsumer about your complaint when most likely Walmart will not read it?


How do you know I make less money than you do in a year than I do in a lifetime another ASSumption


You don't have a job. You have admitted it many times.. unless this is Kevin's loser sister, in which case I doubt that T W A T has a job either!


HA HA! I love it!! All he dos is post here as a troll!


There you go around talking about your imaginary friend again. Why you do you ASSume i don't have a job.

You are mistaking me for something else or something.

Get help.


Complain to their Corporate Headquarters since you are this upset.

Here is their contact information...

(479) 273-4000



I have bad news for you...

I am not a man.

Exactly where did you get the idea that I am a man?


The OP is really seven years old and having fun on her parents computer telling people off.


Shut up Kevin! You can hide behind all the accounts you want, but your ignorance gives you away every time!


wait, wait, let me get my popcorn........


Going by the OP's replies, the OP reveals that he/she treats employees working in a service type job like dirt under their shoe.


Why are people questioning this person as to where they got the money to buy 10 tvs? That is the most ridiculous thing and just makes you look jealous.

It's no one business where this person gets their money! Focus on the gist of the complaint which is the product they ordered was stolen. I know for fact some employees steal from Walmart!

I worked in the judicial system and saw defendant after defendant who had stolen merchandise while on the job. There was one memorable ring of Walmart employees who had stolen thousands and thousands of dollars worth of electronics over a period of several months, before they were caught.


Exactly what proof does the OP have regarding the stolen televisions?


That is a matter between the OP and Walmart.


Thank you!!!


Since you worked in the judicial system, then the GIST is that this seems made up.


What you think and I think is irrelevant.


Thank you!


It doesn't seem like it.


The replies by the OP in this complaint are out of line.