The staff at the Tire & Lube Express at the Wal-Mart lost my key bunch, did not let me know about it for a long time, made me wait for more than 3 hours and 15 minutes at the store as opposed to the promised 90 minutes wait, and then offered me a 'solution' that I should go home and forget about the bunch!

I entered the store at 9:35 am. After a short wait, my problem was registered and my key-bunch was taken from me. I was told that my car would be ready in about 90 minutes. When 90 minutes passed and I did not hear from them, I went to the reception to enquire about it, I heard them talking among themselves about some car's keys being lost. When I talked to them, they told me that they were unable to locate my car keys.

I experienced the worst kind of customer service in the following 90 minutes.

1. I was kept in the dark about whether the keys have been found or not, or how long I might have to wait.

2. I was not offered any word of apology.

3. I was getting a severe headache from the mental stress and for having an empty stomach for a long time. My knees were hurting because I had to stand there most of the time since not adequate seating has been provided in that area.

4. I was feeling dizzy from not having any food for a long time. So I asked them to give me a 'pager' so that I can go inside the store and have some food. Within one minute of my leaving the reception area, they paged me back to offer a ridiculous solution. They told me that I should go back home, bring the spare key, get the service done, and just go back. At most they would make a duplicate key for me for the car. They did not offer me any ride home. They would not make duplicates of the other four keys in the bunch. And they offered NOTHING more than that, NOT EVEN A WORD OF APOLOGY!

5. When they finally found the keys and got the service done, they offered me $10 in compensation!!

6. My ordeal finally ended at 12:52. I had to wait 3 hours and 15 minutes as opposed to the 90 minutes originally promised, got home with a severe headache, and had to eaither reschedule or cancel my activities for the day.

I have never before experienced such cheap and unprofessional customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I agree totally....walmart employees are the most ambivalent employees I have ever seen.... most don't care about anything but quitting time and getting their paycheck.....

what ever happened to work ethics?

Yes this is also true for other stores and businesses....but never is it so prevalent as at walmart. It seems they want sheep who follow orders without question, as apposed to thinking resourceful employees


You keep complaining about having a headache and an empty stomach. Either you are a chronic complainer or forgot to take your meds that morning.

WalMart does not have the brightest employees, and those in the auto center are well down the list from regular employees. However, things do happen and someone misplaced the keys. They found them, didn't they?

Lose some weight so you can stand on your own two feet for more than 5 minutes at a time and have breakfast before you leave the house in the morning. The real question, however is why would anyone with any sense whatsoever take their car to WalMart for service???

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