Twinsburg, Ohio

I am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau in my state and also send a letter to Walmart that they just lost a customer and I will tell everyone I know that walmart is a cheat and a scam company. Their Thanksgiving sale one hour cards were a total scam.

My wife could not get through for 3 days on the phone or online.

Finally, we got a person and they walked my wife through and stated that they had lots of traffic but to go ahead and put it through online...she did, and it kept going and going...It went on for 24 hours and the deadline was over, we left the computer on the whole night about 18 hours total and the walmart website kept on working but never processed the order...when we called back and waited and waited and no one answered. Finally my wife was able to get to walmart hotline, and they told her the order was never registered and that we can get our money back...WE WANTED A 32 INCH TV BUT ALL WE GOT IS GRIEF AND PROBLEMS...WALMART IS A SCAM...DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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What part of lots of traffic don't you understand. Also LTCC must be very rich if you assume that because he defends a company he works for them. He has posted replies to 20 different companies, even making $5 an hour for 20 different companies he defends will make him rich or at least well off.


But on Thanksgiving you were sayin they were the best company in the world.....that 32 incher all but a done fell for the oldest smoke and mirrors scheme in the book


Are you writing fro walmart? How much you making?

$5 an hour? Nothing better to do with life?


Yeah basically he had nothing better to do on this website than troll reviews, some are honest, some are funny and some are down right rude and nasty comments. But he does not work for Walmart or any other of the places he posts his comments on. Frankly I think he is a teenager who does not work and just posts some of these comments for attention.