Saint Louis, Missouri

I bought 4 boxes of walmart's "energy saving" LED outdoor lights. The bulb coverings keep falling off.

These lights are horrible and of course the only way for me to do anything about it is to take them all down and return them. Then I would have to buy more lights to put back up. Who has time for this? I try to give my kids a good christmas by adding these lights to our decor.

This product is junk like most of walmart's stuff. I also notice that they "lower their prices" on items, and since it's an item I buy all the time I know what the original price was and it is the exact same price as the sale price they have listed. I see them do this to products all the time. I just wander if i'm the only one who notices this.

I would think it would be fraud to tell consumers that an item is on sale when the price is actualy the same.

I asked an associate about it one time and they said that they raised the prices on that particular item that morning and then turned around and put it on sale. I would never shop at walmart again if I could help it, but it has become the only place to shop at anymore.

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Also one lady was claiming I was sexually harassing her when I just asked her phone number and told her she was hot. They used that to fire me and I can't prove i was just trying to be friendly.


I used to work at walmart and we would mark stuff up in the morning and then turn around and "put it on sell" later in the afternoon. When I complained the store manager acted like I was nuts for caring.

I tried to form a union and was later dismissed. Of course I can't prove it.

. .I hope that walmart goes under soon!!


Because of them I got angry and told my children that they are bad and that Santa hates them and won't be getting any Christmas gifts. So they ruined my Christmas because my children won't be getting any gifts.

Thank goodness this happened during Christmas season. If not i would have said i hate them.


Wal-Mart sells cheap junk? Gasp!