Daytona Beach, Florida

i am so sick of walmart overworking their employees. my husband has worked there for over a year now and they refused to pay him overtime.

they over work him and they give him too many assignments which is impossible to complete in 9 hours and 5 days a week. he comes home looking like he's about to pass out. i'm not surprised they don't have a complaint form.

it's walmart's fault they decreased his sex drive, i mean we only *** like once a week. i can't wait til he leaves that hellhole.

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First of all I don't like Tasha's style. However she is 13 and for you to call a 13 year old a w h o r e is just so wrong on so many levels.

Not to mention that there are children younger than 13 posting here. Keep your immature comments to yourself if you can't be polite.


Haha, I'm Kristen and guess who.


And another thing: you seriously have the BALLS to compare Walmart to a labor camp? Are you really that ignorant? :(


I'm sure if Tasha is married, her husband doesn't work at Walmart with all the other pathetic losers. Maybe he shouldn't of dropped out of the 4th grade and married a morbidly obese sack of ***


Your husband need to quit and get another job.


you want your husband to *** with you, oil yourself up, get nakid and put a rose between your mouth and crawl on your hands and knees.


Oh Louis, I am sure she had several jobs, but with her attitude they probably fired her after a week. Or perhaps since she cannot write sentences with proper puncunation(capital letter at beginning, period, question mark ect) at the end, they looked at her application form and decided she most likely dropped out of grade three. Seriously before you go around insulting other and fighting your *** husband's battles to back to third grade.


I bet if the lazy a$$ed wife bothered to get a job herself, than he would not have to work that many hours.


I know how to spell cable. It is called a typo. However do you know how write a peroper sentence.


davidcabelguy, do you even know how to spell cable? right, dumb a--s--s--


welcome to the real world. It is called work. Maybe your husband can't find a better job is because he is even more *** than BillyDude15.(not that I think he is dumb)


hey tasha the w-h-o-r-e, at least my husband doesn't cheat on me like yours does, so don't worry about my life, ***.


james, i'm sure your life is upside down right now. going thru a divorce and soon you'll end up paying 10 child supports. i bet half of them are not even yours and you're a *** for it.


billydude15, what are you, like 5? even a 5 year old is smarter than you.

pretty pathetic. they can add and subtract better than your redneck ***.


tasha, you're the one that's ugly. i'm sure i've seen you on the maury show with 20 baby daddys trying to find out who fathered 20 of your kids


alright tasha, the secret word was w-h-o-r-e


tasha ur such a ***


do you understand not to constantly use caps when typing?


There is this hair product, forget it's name starts with V(Viagra) anyways it increases your sex drive. Maybe Wal-mart sells it in pharmacy department, and with your his working there he may get a discount. Though he may be embarassed about buying it there in front of his coworkers.


We really wanted to know about his decreased sex drive. I bet it is really because he does not find you attractive.

Besides the people of America should be thanking Wal-mart if it decreases your sex drive, this way there won't be more babies from your genes. Your husband is a wuss if he cannot write his own letter.

I bet you feed him as well.

Maybe if you got a job yourself your husband would not have to work such long hours.