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I have been a employee of walmart for 3 years. I have seen some of the most racist actions with this company than any company I have ever worked for.

First of all, walmart started cutting hours at the begining of April. We were told no overtime by any means. But if you are white, you have nothing to worry about. If you have 5 min of overtime, your name will be posted at the timeclock for you to shave the time off.

If you dont you will be written up. But certain people take smoke breaks when they feel the need to take a smoke, nothing is said. They can walk around the store and talk all night, nothing is said. If your black and you have to go to the bathroom, you are paged back to your area and questioned where you were.

They can get all the overtime they want nothing is said. Certain people get like 22 hours of overtime, and you have employees on the schedule for 2 hours a week. Black employees come in to work and they are turned away from the timeclock knowing that they have only 6 people working in the store. People are getting fired with out proper procedure and they do not want to pay unemployment.

I would tell you more but I would be typing all day.

If you think I am lying please watch 'walmart, the high cost of low prices".

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Did I mention....I have been employed by wal-mart for 10 glorious, unabusive, undisriminated against years?


Being a Wal Mart employee myself, I am aware of the policies in place to help me work in a positive environment, this person obviously has a self pity issue, and should have used the open door policy all the way to the top if they felt so poorly treated....he helps those who help themselves. As well, I have NEVER experienced anything resembling this so called racism, possibly another case of poor poor me?


I also worked for walmart for two years. I began as a cashier then after a year of puttin up with the lack of supervision at the front end.

( like cashiers working for 4 hours before getting their first break ) I asked to be transferred to the floor. There I was asked to cover three different departments alone ( cosmetics, hba, pets and sometimes toys and back up cashier) Oh and did I mention that with all that I was never allowed to work no more than 28 hours a week. After another year of that I could'nt take it anymore when they refused my request to be moved into full time work. I thought I had a good chance since I was crossed trained in every department in the store and seemed to be paged every two seconds to help all over the store, but I guess not.

In the end I quit and have not been back since. Walmart is only a good place to work if you don't have any bills to pay and are looking for a good daily work out. I always thought of it as a gym where they paid me to be there. In reality I have bills to pay and childern to support.

So now when I shop there and see the employees walking around looking upset and angry I remember how I felt when I worked there and don't blame them a bit. The employees are over worked and under- payed.

Just think how you would get 9-10 hours of work done plus take care of customers in an 5 hour shift. Good Luck!

@ex walmart employee

You must have worked in a small town. Small towns small minds.


Sounds to me like this person does not like following rules and is using his skin colour to get around it and find the injustice of it.