Newark, New Jersey

Walmart in Berlin NJ has cats and kittens coming into their garden center who they don't want there.

They have already trapped a bunch and disposed of them and would not tell concerned citizens where they took the cats and kittens or what has happen to them.

Now there are a few more kittens and cats who shoppers have been feeding and a few customers have offered to get the cats and kittens to get a better place or find homes for them and walmart is refusing to allow them to help the cats.

They are trapping the cats and kittens and leaving them in the traps over night wiothout food or water in freezing conditions.

What can we do? PLEASE HELP!

We have already tried the local spca and authorities.

The head manager of Walmart in Berlin Helena Lee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Cats are furry, psychotic little predators. They are overpopulating, and need to be destroyed. Stop whining.


Good Cats suck, the world needs less of them


Tasha, I usually don't agree with ya but this time you are right on. (But after Actually's Post) I am thinking troll alert!!


It is not pond, it's POUND. Did someone try and drown you in a sack leaving you brain dead from lack of oxygen from trying to drown you?


I called up the manager later on and he said they take them to the animal pond to be adopted, and there is a lady who takes care of stray cats till they find a home. I know how badly animals are treated at ponds and shelters.

I suggested the manager he just place them in a sack and drown them so they don't have to live a horrible life in the animal pond and animal shelters. There they are not fed and they are starved to death so it is better to drown them.

He said the pond they take them to is very reliable same with the shelter and the lady who takes care of cats is an animal lover. We all know how animals are treated at the pond and shelters.


They are selling them to China so they can be eaten and possibly some Chinese restaurants in United States and Canada.

David L

What do you mean "refusing"..just pick up the cat, put it in your car and take it to an animal shelter if you are so concerned. Don't think security is going to arrest you for stealing a cat!! Who is this "they" that are trapping the stray cats...Walmart or local animal control?