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Dear Walmart,

I might not be one of the farmers who lost their milk market because of you, but they are people I know. When you decided profits were more important you didn’t just take away a family’s livelihood, you took away their hopes and dreams.

These are the people that wake up before dawn and take care of the cows before they even eat themselves. Who wake up in the middle of the night to help a cow who can’t have her calf by herself. Who pause in that cows pen when after working for hours delivering the calf it’s born dead, wondering if they could have done more. They work jobs off the farm just to make ends meet so that one day they can hand the farm down to the next generation just like their parents did.

I always thought my kids would grow up just like me, but with every day I feel like that possibility is slipping away. So sure Walmart you’re saving money building your factory farms, but you’re killing a lot of dreams in the process too.

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You just re-watched the Dodge "so God made a farmer" commercial from a few years ago, didn't you?