I am pregnant and have tried to create a registry online at walmart.com. it does not work.

So I emailed then for assistance. I received a response equal to your too dumbbell to do it it works just fine. So as I was on bed rest, I spent at least 6 hours trying to add items. My invitations have gone out an hey say I am registered at walmart.

Which technically I am, with 2 items. So I went to the nearest store, 30min away. Cost $20 just to drive there and back, just so I could finish the registry. I then spend another 30 min on my feet trying to wrap my head around the concept and attempt to find a resolution as to why there is no longer a kiosk and scanner gun.

They told me everyone shops online so they don't have it anymore in store. They did help me in store check my registry and I added that second item. But when I got home it didn't work. Page freezes an locks up everytime.

And now my family that is spread across 4 hours, and the only store we have in common is walmart, can't even see my registry at the store either. Then while I was there I planned to buy some maternity clothes, bc all the clothes I've borrowed I have out grown and I'm essentially out of clothes, 2 pairs of shorts and a skirt do not qualify as clothes. I walk the entire clothing dept looking for the maternity section to find it desnt exist. So not only have they removed guns, most of the sewing dept but now the registry and the maternity section!

I have no further reason for this greedy store and will not be shopping there ever again! I also called 1800walmart to be told they will pass my complaint along from a woman who said she understood but I couldn't feel any empathy in her voice at all. So I'm done. I will drive an hour away to shop at target for anything I would have bought at walmart!

Its a shame Sam Walton isn't here. Its a bigger shame that his children are so greedy that they make decisions that affect so many constomers and don't care how we feel about it!

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