Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I believe the Walmart cashier and manager I had today was racist. Because there was no express lines open in the side of the store I

was on, I decided to get into the first line I came to. The person in front of me had a large order, so she offered to let me go ahead

of her. By the time I got to the cashier, he had already started to ring up the other customer's items. The cashier said he was sorry.

I was a little annoyed, but I got back into the back of the line. When it finally came to for the lady in front of me to pay, she went

to hand the cashier a $100 bill. I stop the cashier right then and told him that I would give him five $20s for the $100. The cashier

refused and said cashiers were not allowed to do that. That is when I had enough. First this cashier wouldn't do my order before the

large order, now he won't exchange my money. What can he not count? I demanded to see a manager. When the manager came, she also said

it was against policy to do so. I said how hard is to to give me an $100 in exchange for five $20s. I know there are people out there

that are scammers, but I am not one of them. I may be black, but I am not a thief. Walmart should quit being racist and treating

everyone like thieves. I left without buying a single item.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You must be one of those hispanics who is on welfare. They are always whipping out $100 and $50 bills to pay for purchases under $20.

The above statements are racism.

The cashier was following company procedures.

Or, would you rather have some unfortunate person lose his/her job because you believe you are entitled?


Everything is racist to "YOU" people and "YOUR KIND". No matter how nice the gesture or what the situation entails if things don't work out your way then obviously it is because of racism.


It's not that you're black. There are many people who come into a store and distract/confuse the cashier just to get a little bit more back than they should.

So, its not really against you. Its just that so many people before you have ruined for the innocent ones.


I don't see how you can call this racism ... the employee is not allowed to do such and such that means he s not ..

besides how are they supposed to know you re not a scammer .. if people were able to distinguish like this ...oh boy this would be a better place to live in !


I'm calling bs, none of your stories are believable.............no one here believes you ya ***!


omfg!! your the crazy *** that makes up stories!! You need a life u *** ***!


Wow this lady is an ***.


Hey lady, I don't need some woman pretending to be me. I know what racism is and this is it.


You are the racist, not walmart.


Why in this day is everything considered racist? wtf had it right--why do black people always have to use the race card.

With so much dishonesty these days printing up $20.00 bills and passing them off I would not be allowed to hand the cashier five 20's in exchange for a legal $100 bill.

Lady get a life, it's not about your color, it's about your attitude. This is store policy so deal with it.


walmart is NOT a bank! if its against their policy to not be a bank that dosent make them racist!

you may be black which is ok but *** for throwing the race thing just cause you didnt get your way.

get over it and yourself. ones like you are damaging your race and apparently not even realizing it!


your not very bright, are you? It isnt racism, its called store policy!

And the cashier apologized about not checking you out first, how was he supposed to know the customer told you to go first? Since he already started the first order, he cant stop.

Some stores dont allow that to happen. Im so sick of people using the racism card, this is clearly not racism!