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When I go to walmart in westhaven, CT. It is like a circus to me, and I like going to see a good show.

The staff are so helpful with telling people where they went to get their tatoos or where they buy their drugs, or even where they got their piercing on their face from!!

It's a great store where you can feel at home if you are a racist or a *** that feel good about being able to choose and judge the people that they interview..WOW!! what power they behold, and they are so unforgettable!!

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The employees at the Colton WalMart (Colton, CA), like Assistant Manager Cherie Bradley, loves to sleep with her associates. And the white b**** is married with two kids! I wish someone would tell her husband Eric Bradley, who is in the army!

Tell her a piece of your mind at 909 528 1609 or go to her facebook or email her!



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #200713

You are 14 Chris, wow you are more mature than some of the adults who post here.


I appreciate how you walmart employees and managers stick together,get piercings together, get tatoos together,drink together, and share racism together@bitter It is obvious that you and the racist name angry work for the company.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #200092

Actually this person asked for a job, and is bitter because they were turned down. With her attitude I can see why she was turned down.




Atleast they are helpful...

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