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I ordered furniture from Walmart, gave them a Visa credit card that I have used all over the world. They sent me back a e-mail saying they could not process my order because they could not find a phone number for that Visa distributor -- it was a regular Visa card from Nordstrom's -- can you believe that?

Walmart couldn't use my credit card issued by Nordstrom's.

They said if I called their customer service they would see what they could do -- I did call them and told them to cancel the order and that they would never get another cent from me.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Keyport, New Jersey, United States #5043

YOu did not say if this was a USA credit card or some non USA card. Non USA cards are being rejected by everyone now due to the high fraud rate.

Jackson, New Jersey, United States #5031

Wal-Mart is one of the worst companies to deal with.

Did you see the documental of Wal-Mart?

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