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Dangit, staff are so rude. I went in today and there were no handicap spots opened.

Dangit don't they know being 500 pounds because I eat 12 big macs for every meal a day while I sit at home with my 9 children while my husband works 10 jobs, counts as a handicap. After screaming at the greeter because the red carpet wasn't rolled out for me I sat my butt down on one of the scooters with my bag of pork rinds to begin my shopping. I was angry that the deli didn't have enough popcorn chicken and that an

associate got on to my kids for running through the store and tearing things up. Then when I got up to checkout there were 8 registers open with one person in front of me at the line I got in.

I asked the cashier in the 12 items or less line I got in to call more cashiers up because I didn't want to wait a couple of seconds for the cashier to ring up the one bottle of Dr. Pepper the guy in front of me was buying. He refused and got mad at me because I was bringing my two cartloads of groceries through his 12 items or less line. It also infuriated me when one of my items rang up for one cents extra than was advertised.

I screamed and raved even though he said he would fix it. How dare he!! That one cents should already be in the system!

dang it dang it dang it. Walmart stinks!

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A similar, hilarious, complaint could be written about the various "dollar" stores; same customers on a smaller scale.

Los Angeles, California, United States #971721

Honest to God, I just read a review about a doughnut that didn't have enough chocolate icing.

to Anonymous London, England, United Kingdom #973337

a doughnut without enough chocolate icing. Sigh. First world problems.

Los Angeles, California, United States #971719

Good job. This review sounds like 99% of the complaints on here and are by people who feel entitled not to have their feelings hurt.

Another 1% of the complaints here are by people who can't mind their own business. The rest are legitimate complaints.


That's the point, most of the complaints here (and most everywhere else).

So now, no one has to send in any more Walmart reviews because it's already in.


Liar, Liar, Pants on fire.




This is funny.

It sounds like most complaints on here.

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