Orlando, Florida

seriously, I think that walmart training includes how to be the worst customer service person possible and how to be really rude to customers nothing else. almost EVERY cashier I have ever dealt with at walmart or any walmart has been nothing more than insect...evil rude pathetic trash person. ive maybe encountered one or two decent cashiers that's about it...EVERYONE that works at Wal-Mart is rude obnoxious pathetic inferior trash...the cashiers are slime and *** from some other part of the universe...terrible rude *** people...the worst. the only good thing is self check out...so we aren't FORCED to have to even interact with the lunatics that work there... and deal with their bad rude crazy or just mean attitudes.

recently I went to a Wal-Mart on alafaya and mcculloch rd. of course, self check out was closed, so I was forced to encounter another worthless walmart ugly troll...some fat dumb spic female who even laughed at me..she NEVER greeted me, said how are you or thank you have a nice day--NOTHING. she literally just laughed at me and said "HERE U GO" for the receipt. this ugly worthless loser did this on purpose just to treat me badly...shes an ugly rude skank that needs to be beaten or something...im so sick of these RUDE worthless imbeciles that work there...I really thnk the only requirements for working there are that you HAVE to be rude ugly fat dumb crazy or weird...why are we customers FORCED to deal with these useless dumb pitiful sub human rats that work there and their bad attitudes and rudeness? self checkout needs to be open ALL the time. in fact that's one of the hells of going there at night...you HAVE to encounter one of the ugly filthy lunatics that is a cashier...walmart SUCKS....

then I went to another neighborhood market on alafaya trail and curry ford...same thing...one fat ugly white cow cashier...f*cking probably 300 lbs...and she was RUDE and ignored me too. she just scanned my items, never greeted me and pretended she was on the phone when she wasn't. then, instead of saying bye or thanks or anything to me, she yelled at a customer behind me rather than even acknowledge I was there...how *** rude can these filthy cows even get? how hard is it to say...how are you? anything? of course done intentionally because its a way for them to just mistreat or degrade someone...because they are ugly trolls who look like *** are *** and treat customers with disrespect... these are the WORST people on the planet besides the garbage they hire to work at mcdonalds...Wal-Mart is the WORST....and never a bye thank you...nothing...ill mannered worthless *** work there...and that goes for the supercenters too which hire masses of sub human rude *** too....every cashier is just RUDE..mean..jerks...very few are remotely normal....

the stock people at walmart at night are crazy filthy males who abuse women who go to shop at night and begin aggressively getting LOUD on purpose if a female Is near as a way to irritate bother shock or abuse the person....many males do this because they are just losers I assume who work there...again walmart only hires the worst most pathetic ugliest most evil people to exist...

I once worked for a company on the e colonial drive location...back near the electronics dept...I didn't work for Wal-Mart but worked IN Wal-Mart...during my time there the ugly animals that worked back in the electronics dept regularly lied to my manager making up lies about me, trying to get me fired...seriously...this is what tehse psychopaths did...the lunatics that work at walmart are all the craziest losers to exist...also, I had Wal-Mart males help me set up a table sometimes and the nasty walmart managers got angry claiming that I was using up THEIR employees time helping me set up a 5 min table...huh? I was a female who needed manual labor help...as well as the fact that the company I worked for paid Wal-Mart to allow them to work there or gave Wal-Mart some of the profits...yet Wal-Mart managers are crazy jerks low lifes and evil people....they made a HUGE issue out of it..as if they were doing something big...Wal-Mart is a terrible company that hires degenerates and *** people...fat ugly cows losers...the sh*ttiest people on the planet work there...Wal-Mart is *** and full of the worst people....I also think the Wal-Mart in Orlando is worse than other wal-marts in others cities....hiring only white trash or n*gger trash degenerates and degenerates in general...*** Wal-Mart you *** *** company...and your pathetic *** rude disgraceful employees....teach these filthy animals some customer service skills you piece of *** company....

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Wow, I have been shopping at Wal-Mart's for a long time and have yet to encounter a bad employee, bad service or anything like the stories I have been reading! And I am really disgusted about the comment about a "Spic cashier" really?

I will have to say that I have encountered some less than tasteful customers but never a rude employee.

If you are rude yourself, than that's how you will be treated. Treat other's how you want to be treated, with respect.


ha. if someone calls you a horse...


if the problem seems to follow you, maybe you should start looking on how you act to people.


Yeah, because they would want to purposely deal with customers such as yourself that call them trash as you say, inferior. That's the reason the self checkouts were closed, right? Right...


From the language you used in your complaint you must be the same person that wrote a complaint about McDonald's. Your mommy should really wash your mouth out with soap.