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I was SO shocked that Walmart routinely charges $12.99 for each box of Keurig cups, while my local Food Lion has them on sale for $6.99, (regular price $9.98)


When I bought boxes of Starbucks Pike Roast Keurig cups at my local grocery store I paid almost HALF!

Walmart is overcharging by $6 when a regular grocery chain is still making a profit while charging so much less!?

Shame on Walmart (whom I usually love). How disappointing!

I had always assumed that Walmart's price is always lower for everything and did all my shopping there. Sadly, no more.

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I have to disagree with you when you say WalMart has the most expensive price on K-Cups. Kohl's carries them and their regular price is $17.99.

First Born Triplet

Here where I live it is usually the other way around. Walmart has the regular price lower than No Frill's or Shopper's Drug Mart's sale price. Every store says they have lowest prices, but the good news is they price match if you bring a flyer.

Orlando, Florida, United States #879525

How do you know the grocery store is making a profit? They could be breaking even or possibly losing money because they sacrifice the profit on the K-cups hoping you will buy something else while you are there.

Or the store themselves may have ordered too many and has to sell them off possibly at a loss. Or Walmart may have just found people are willing to pay $13 for a box of K-cups and that's what they charge.

There's a whole lot of capitalism principals at work, including you as the consumer comparing pricing and taking your business elsewhere. But don't blame/bad mouth Walmart for engaging in capitalism.

First Born Triplet
to MattD78 #879878

" Walmart may have just found people are willing to pay $13 for a box of K-cups and that's what they charge. "

Isn't that called taking advantage of their customers ignorance?

to First Born Triplet Orlando, Florida, United States #880050

Or it's simply the capitalist principal of demand which is the amount that people are willing to buy an item at a specific price. If people are willing to pay $13 that is the price set by demand.

to MattD78 #880759

Firstborntriplet is 13 and has no idea of how the capitalist principal of demand works, or no idea of marketing terms like supply and demand.

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