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after being walmart's faithful customer and card holder they treated me like i didn't matter.i switch every thing to walmart.

even pharmacy and photos. i used buy every thing from them even fresh food. recently i paid off my card in full. but then i went to buy some good for cat they rejected my card four times.

i called customer service and every time they were rude and they had a new excuse why i cant use my card. i got upset and said i want to close my card and i did. later i changed my mind ( i thought i acted hasty) called back to reopen it they flat out told me that i can't open my card any more. feel rejected and un appreciated.

as a long time customer i deserve better.i will not go there again i will travel farther to the target or ross instead.


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If your card was not being approved, it is not Walmart's issue.The issue lies directly with the credit card's issuing bank.

The issuing bank denied the transaction for some underlying reason (possible that payment has not posted to account, etc.). You should take you anger out at the issuing bank, not Walmart.

And, when you shop at a large corporate store, please don't expect the level of service you would normally receive from smaller, family-owned businesses.When you shop around a store with cheap prices and low employee wages, don't expect the employees to treat you like if you were a Princess.


The only thing I have to say is "Muahahahahah" :p


You move on you freak, does the 2000 in your username represent your year of birth.Well mine is 1998, also just so you know yeah I am from Canada, but that location thing does not always work.

People have commented that they are from another state or provience than what showed up.Besides you can always mess with it and say you are from Spain or something.


You are the one taking shots at everyone on this site because they don't agree with you. Go take a Ritalin or something to calm yourself down. Also in Canada we have the same basic *** laws that you have.


Jedi Knight Ethan is a ***.This ain't canada, and it isn't star wars, so what do I need w/ ur worthless opinion?

Instead of commenting on my complaint, you're taking personal shots at me via internet. R U such a sissy loser that you have nothing better to do, or no better way to vent than to randomly attack people online. You don't have a clue what's going on cuz your mommy and daddy handle things for you. If you don't know nothing, being just a child, why are you making comments?

You're too juvenile, nobody cares what you think cuz you don't have any experience in the real world. All you can do is insult my spelling; how is it now MF?

Besides, shouldn't you be hitting on young girls somewhere?Probably this, most likely that; probably, most likely, you don't have anything constructive or beneficial to say or read, so you should just move on...


Also are you too lazy to press shift before a capital letter.


Also are you too lazy to press shift before a capital letter.


I don't need to keep quiet and I can see why they don't want your business.Telling me to keep quite kind of rude of you don't you think.

Seriously grow a pair, grow thicker skin. Walmart hates you because you suck. Don't change your mind in anger. All I said was you would be taken more seriously if you used a spell check.

I don't have a job being 13 and all, but why are you bashing them.Did the manager tell you he did not want to sleep with you or did they fire you.


thank you linda this is how i feel. ;)


I hate Walmart, it's crowed, poorly stocked, lines too long, 26 checkouts with only 3 open, and I stopped bring my children to Walmart due to vulgarity of the shoppers trying to get 5 mins of fame on the walmart cameras. It's become a sewer.

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