Prescott, Arkansas
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I took 2 pair of blue jeans back to exchange but they said the could not take them back because they have been worn.I tried one pair on when I got home and decided to take them back when I came back to town. There was a black lady in front of me that brought a nasty fan back and a bra that you could tell it had been worn and they took it back so since I am not black you would not take my teens back now what kind of service do you call that. I call that discrimination.

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There is more to the story than you are telling. Playing the race card takes away from your complaint.

Could you swear on a Bible that the bra the black lady was returning wasn't faulty and that is why it was being returned.

Also could you tell for sure that the bra had been worn. After this try your clothes on before purchasing them and make sure you have the receipt, which you didn't indicate whether or not your did.

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It is not called discrimination, it is called protecting their butts, if the black person was denied the return she would get violent and turn the whole thing into a race issue, even though she has to follow the same rule as everyone else. They did it to protect you and other customers.

Blame them for playing the race card so much that they get preferred treatment so companies can avoid looking racist. It is a shame, however I bet if they did not allow that *** to return the bra, she would make a big stink about it and say it is because she is black rather than because it is policy.

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