On 10/05/14, I called about the availability and price of a product. I needed spray foam insulation in the can.

The first and third time I was transferred to Hardware and no one answered. The second time I was told the worker would have to ne paged. I was on hold for 14 minutes and 26 sec. THIS is why I HATE WALMART.

AND my in store experience is no better. I guess when one applies for a job (which I have done on three different occasions) and finally learned why I was denied a job with the company......YOU DON'T WANT HONEST people working for you.

I was honest on the personality test and failed. For years now.....my experiences have been below par.

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First Born Triplet

Part of the reason you hate walmart is the service but I think being denied a job three times is also another reason. You timed it to the second of how long it took before you got help with a stop watch? Next time don't be honest on the tests and give the answers they want, sort of like what you would do on a Harry Potter sorting house test to get the house you want.

to First Born Triplet #881031

I wonder if this is the daughter person complaining about the disabled employee in the jewelry department, both tried to get a job three times and were denied?


Hmmm. They hired me and I was also honest on the personality test.

I have also been there over a year.

However not all walmarts are as nice as ours. We did get an award for best customer service in our district.

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