Las Vegas, Nevada

I bought a chase lounge chair for Mother's Day.

I bought it in the garden shop and don't remember being handed a receipt and didn't care much about it because it was a gift that had been asked for.

So, the Mom changed her mind and I went to return the lounge and get what she now wanted. I had paid cash and they gave me a card.

So I got the new gift and tried to "cash out." They would not cash out the card, because "It was from an item returned without a receipt."

I explained the situation to the manager (Poway CA store at about 5:00 PM on May 6, 2008) and he said, "Too bad, there is nothing to do but for you to spend the amount left on the card."

I asked him for the scissors sitting on his stand up desk and cut up the card.

Funny thing, but I had to go back and get the receipt because they had forgotten to give it to me.

Walmart, you have become the very type of store that Sam despised. Congratulations! And during this recession and the coming depression may you be the first big chain to fold.

Oh, and by the way. . . the "complaint" email address for the It doesn't work - every time you click on the word "email" it sends you back to the homepage. Wonderful gimmick, eh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Hey Wal Mart Employee, Here is some real advise you freakin ***, GET A REAL JOB. :eek


I have to agree w/ Wal-mart Employee. If complainer had gotten a receipt, she would have if she'd asked, they can reprint-- she could have gotten money.

Instead she returned an item w/out a receipt, how does Wal-Mart know they can trust her, it could have fallen off a truck, been stolen, bought from a competitor for less and brought to Wal-mart for a higher amount of money. They were watching out for themselves, trading in kind.

If some person can't spend the amount of a Chaise lounge in WM, on food, movies, lightbulbs...that person is an ***

At least we can see where Customer gets it, what Mom rejects a gift she asked for.


Wal-Mart Employee:

Arrogant, rude and uneducated employees like you are the biggest reason I no longer shop at Walmart.


Hey dumb ***, how about you get your receipt before you leave the store... then you will not have to try and "get around the system." There are rules set in place for a reason.

If you change the rules for you, we would have to change the rules for everyone... then there would be no reason to have rules. Our policy states that all returns done without a receipt go on a shop card. BIG DEAL!!

You obviously didnt need the money bec. you took the time to make an *** of yourself and cut up the card...

WOW! I mean you are pretty much a hard *** for that one :) GROW UP!


If you call 1800walmart and give all of the details, your complaint goes to the store managers boss. Its a big deal for a store to get called on there. I hope you ahve better experiences with WM next time.