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Purchasing about $200 worth of summer clothing for kids. When arrived at register found 1 cashier for entire store.

To make a statement I walked thenstore for 10 minutes, about what I would have waited in line and gave the manager my cart happily thankimg her.for staffing rhe entire store with one employee. The lokk on her face:


Target it is.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #973532

someone is playing games

I've never hit my child in my entire life won't be posting here anymore


What time of day was it? If it was the middle of the night, lots of stores only have one cashier because of low customer traffic.

to question King County, Washington, United States #973528

What does it matter, the fact remains that they only had one cashier. I was so upset that I got so angry and kicked my child so hard and left him in the parking lot.

Also it is quite clear that Sandy is posing as me saying I am not the OP. I am adult enough to admit I am wrong. It was wrong of me to kick my child behind his legs until he fell and then leave him in the parking lot. The point is if they had more than one cashier and if the manager did not slug this off I would not have kicked my child and left him in the parking lot.

The only thing Sandy is saying correctly is that this is ludicrous. One difference between Sandy and I is I know how to spell "ludicrous" and I know the difference between "whether" and "weather" . Sandy you may have had a difference of opinion than Kevin on your review but stop dramatizing my review. I can admit I was wrong at how I treated my son.

He is only seven and I could understand his frustrations. Unfortunately i took my anger out on him and some busy body called the police on me when she me leave my son in the parking lot after kicking him so hard that he fell.

This would not have happened had they hired more cashiers and had the manager not brushed me off. I would not have been this angry if they gave better treatment.

to geraldoverholt Orange, California, United States #973536

Sandy does that for attention. But you should be ashamed of yourself for treating your child that way.

to question Atlanta, Georgia, United States #973529

10 am

There were 14 people in line

to Anonymous Bellevue, Washington, United States #973537

This post was not made me, neither was the post where "ludicrous" and "whether" were misspelled. If you notice the location of those posts were from Atlanta Georgia. The locations of the posts that I made are from Bellevue, Washington.

to Anonymous Bellevue, Washington, United States #973539

Further more if you are going to pretend to be me at least get the timing correct. it was not 10 am it was 11pm and I was in a hurry to get my children home and to bed.

There were not 14 people in line. I have better things to do than count the number of people in line. There were two people in line. One was already being served and I asked the lady in front of me if I could go first.

She saw the amount of clothing I had and said no.

I then got nasty with her and left the store. I suspect it was her that called the police on me after seeing my child left in the parking lot and kicked to spite me because I told her off.


You have no life do you? You wasted your time and the managers time..

I understand that you felt that your "statement" was humerous and made a difference but I can assure you that the "Look" on the managers face was that of one who was in disbelief of the stupidity it took to do something that asinine. Associates put up carts of merchandise all day long everyday so handing her a full cart was no big deal. Your so called statement was no more than showing people that you have way to much time on your hands.

Grow up, your actions just made you look *** and I'm sure that any walmart associate would be more than happy to drive you over to Target. Lol

to Jeff #973504

Another one of Kevin`s accounts. My complaint as well as this one is legitimate.

The customer service manager was white and she lied to me when I called her racist. She told me it does not matter what color my skin is, that no matter what the same policy applies to everyone. No receipt means you get a gift card. She was really rude to me.

The people posting the comments on my review including you Kevin or Jeff or whatever name you go by were racist as well suggesting that I stole an item off the shelf and tried to return it. You made this accusation just because I am black. Then you Kevin aka Jeff made that comment about abusing your child. Now four hours later you are making this comment with another username.

This is getting old and boring.

The fact remains by not being allowed to get my money back and getting a gift card is racism. The comments by you and others were racist.

to simple sandy Orange, California, United States #973516

My point proven, you make up lies about racism. You accuse me of having several account without proof.

I did not make that post about hitting the child and leaving him in the parking lot. The OP did. I did not post under Jeff that was another user. Grow up.

Stop making lies online. Do your parents know what you are up to?

Just because two different people call the OP for what they are does not mean they are the same person. It would be like me claiming you are the OP because both of you have a bad opinion of the same chain.

to KevinRichards Atlanta, Georgia, United States #973523

The op did not make the post about hitting the kid in the parking lot. you talk about wasting time?

look at you back and forth with this no sense on here. At the end of the day you are where exactly? I am the OP and my kids weren't even with me.

see weather you admit it or not to YOU are part of the problem. You defend poor customer service like you own the place.

One cashier for the entire store is ludicris, that was the point nothing more.

to simple sandy #973656

My account is mine and only mine. I don't have to pretend to be somebody else, I speak my mind.

Your problem is that you can't handle any type of criticism. What you did was childish yet you were hoping that after your post that you would have had a bunch of supporters cheering you on for what you did. When that didn't happen you became defensive. Perhaps if you had spoken to the manager about the situation instead of walking around the store filling a cart with items you did not intend to purchase in a childish attempt to make a statement of some kind, you may have had some support.

Kevin Richards is entitled to his opinion just like I am. Just because we agree, it doesn't make us the same person.At the risk of sounding like Kevin....A grownup would know this.


Also I would have to say the worst part of this experience was one of my children really wanted a t shirt with the logo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was crying in the parking lot.

I got angry at him and kicked him in the back of of his legs. I was too angry at the manager's attitude to realize how hard I was kicking and his crying was annoying me.

I told him if he did not shut up I would leave him in the parking lot. Some *** called the police on me after getting down my license plate number.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #973332

It is not the manager's fault you are an abusive parent. Grow up. Hope they took your children from you.

to KevinRichards Bellevue, Washington, United States #973538

I never said it was the manager's fault that I kicked my son. I just said that because I was still angry at the manager I did not realize exactly how hard I kicked my son.

Read the comment over again before making ludicrous claims. I was just frustrated that I could not stand his crying. I told him if he did not stop crying I would leave him in the parking lot. He continued to cry and I left him in the parking lot to scare him.

I came back ten minutes later to pick him up.

Unfortunately someone called the police on me.

to Anonymous #973384

Hmm...Both comments 5 hours ago..I think both comments are from this Kevin Richards guy.In most of his comments you see something like this.It is like he comments to his own made up comments.He does this same thing over and over..It is getting old and we are on to you.

to simple sandy Orange, California, United States #973499

Nope you are just so naive that you don`t want to believe that child abuse exists. Or perhaps you posted that comment.

I doubt this. The Op is just abusive and does not post comments. So what, if the comments are posted five hours ago. As you can see that is a lie.

They were posted on the same day as well as yours. Review was posted the day earlier. I think you need to see a shrink because your so called pattern never happened. Why do you have a grudge against me.

OH right I remember your username. You made a review not too long ago and claimed you lost your receipt. Then you played the race card because they gave you a gift card rather than your money back. Not only did you play the race card in the store, but when I and several others have pointed out that the reason you need a receipt is because someone can easily pick up an item, claim they lost the receipt and get their money back you accused them of discriminating against you because you have black skin.

I embarrassed you by pointing out the truth so that is why you are making lies about me saying I posted that.

Well kiddo it is not working because the writing styles are different as anyone can see so nice try. Notice the writing style is the same as the OP`s original review.

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