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As an aquarium hobbyist, I am appalled at the fish conditions at my local Wal-mart in Clinton, MO. First, they do not actually have a position for someone to work solely in the fish department, which is ridiculous because the guys in HARDWARE are the ones that take care of getting people fish and they know NOTHING about the subject!! It is unfair to customers to be sold a fish while being unaware of the care the fish needs, and the fact that the tanks had ICH in them!

I ended up purchasing a ton of ghost shrimp and a plecostamus approximately 2 weeks ago and it was the first time I have purchased fish from my local walmart. When the assistant from the hardware department got the fish, first he nearly killed them by whacking the net against the sides of the fish bag knocking them senseless, then most importantly - he did not know the tanks were being treated for ICH. There were no SIGNS ON THE TANKS saying they were carrying a highly contagious fish disease.

I brought them home to add them to my tanks and they brought the ich with them. I was told the tanks were being treated for ich when I went back to walmart two days later and was about to purchase another fish when the lady helping me from PHARMACY said they were being treated for a bad ich infestation.

In less than two weeks, the shrimp I had purchased and placed in 3 tanks have now killed off over $200 worth of fish I had purchased from high-end pet stores previously in those tanks. So thanks to walmart, I PAID Walmart about $15 to kill almost every fish I had, and I was NOT MADE AWARE there was a problem with the fish at the time of purchase and I believe walmart owes me about $200. I WILL NEVER buy fish from walmart again due to this, and will highly encourage everyone I know not to buy fish at walmart.

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This is also happening to me. I bought two puffers and one died that night and now my other fish have it really bad and I was just starting out and, like you, it was my first time buying a fish from Walmart and when we went to customer service they didn’t even know what Ick was and were really rude to me


This is happening to me right now. I bought ghost shrimp and a few tetras.

Now almost 100$ of my "high end" fish have died. We are treating for ick right now. I've also purchased aquarium salt to help speed the process as well as fungus away. I hope this helps because I love my fish.

And I still have 100$ worth of fish in the tank. I WILL NEVER BUY FISH FROM WALMART AGAIN!


This is why you have quarantine tanks


If you are a well versed aquarist (hobby or not), you would know that you should quarantine any new fish addition to your tank. I would assume since you have over $200 in fish in your tank, you would have put the least amount of care into knowing that fish from anywhere come with the risk of carrying some sort of disease.

Yes, walmart sucks by not posting a sign saying they were being treated, but you're also to blame for just throwing them in there without first making sure they were safe for your other organisms.