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I visit Walmart infrequently as this happens all the time. I will be checking out and two clerks will be chatting with each other.

Each time, they have continued to yak while the one at the register goes through the motions of my transaction -- totally ignoring me -- the customer! WE pay their salaries and a "thank you" at the end of a transaction would be nice -- as would an acknowledgement that I'm even there.

I even said, "Hello", as I came to the register to have neither of them even look at me. Customer service is dead at Walmart!

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:cry What a b**** you are! Did your parents HATE you as a child and now you hate the world?

grow the F up. No one at walmart or anywhere else want you to shop there in the first place. I bet when they see you they say something along the lines of 'Oh s*** the b**** is back!' :roll Dealing with people like YOU all day every day would make any cashier want to really beat the h*** out of you.

I would hope that you would have gotten something thats gonna set the door alarm off, so everyone got to stare at you, just to treat you the way you already clam they do. :grin



That's how the cookie crumbles.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213211

Seriously jeez grow up. Did i hurt your feelings because I told you off.


Lablover, I can't believe your head is so deep in your rear and you still can't smell your own ***. Now that you've clarified the situation for everyone, you're clearly in the wrong.

Thanks for that. In any case, I'm defending work ethics, NOT YOU.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213062

Okay obviously the person writing this letter has self esteem issues if they are offended by someone who does not say hi, or thank you to her. Also judging from her replies who would want to talk to her?

One person defended her and she attacks them? And I don't consider asking for smaller change socilizing. This person just needs an attitude adjustment and a lesson in manners and patience.

I wish she called CPS herself on that mother. That way they would charge her with providing a false report.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213059

liza shut up, everyone shut up, even you jeez, i don't kneed you defending me like I am some ten year old i can fight my own battles. the cashier asked if the other cashier had two five dollar bills and i told her not to chit chat with the other cashier.

she only wanted it becausse the prat in front of me wanted two five dollar bills to give her children as an allowance she did not plan in advance and wasted my time. I told her she shold be reported to CPS because she is a irresponsible mother. The cashier asked the person in the lane next to hers to trade a $10 for a five, this is a shop not a bank and she had no right to chit chat for change.

the unfit mother could have went to the other cashier herself instead of wasting her time.

jeez i am not a kid no need to defend me. why not defend your own kid.


Anyone defending these cashiers is..... WRONG!!

You're getting paid to do a job not to socialize with coworkers. If a customer says hi, you should say hi back. If you dont like your job, dont work there!!

Don't make the customers deal with your crappy attitude because you chose a crappy job. Stop being a failure at life and make something out of yourself instead of acting ENTITLED to treat customers wrong.


Then why don't you apply at Wal-Mart, become a manager, and whip those misfits into shape? Stop complaining and fix the problem if it's so simple.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209483

Geez! Everyone take a deep breath and chill out!

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209482

With an attitude like that, I can see why the cashier didn't acknowledge you.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #209447

Stacy you shut up. I hope everyone you know and love dies painfully and you are paralized for life and have to suffer. Same for you Megan.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209389
So,someone ignored you and didn't kiss your a s s? Oh, you poor thing.

:roll Get over yourself. The customer is always right is outdated, especially when the customer is an ahole.
La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209346

Lablover, here is a simple solution. Stop shopping at Walmart. You sound like a stuck up b i t c h.

Simpson, Louisiana, United States #209324

"Entitlement?" A customer is not entitled to be treated like a person? Other stores treat their customer's like people who help pay their salaries -- a fact you apparently don't get.

Because you do not like your job or your management, is not the customer's fault. Bring it up to HR at Walmart, don't take it out on the customer.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #208987

Get a weekend job at Walmart for one month. Let management have you clock out and go back to work, watch them go into the time clock and alter your time and treat you like a substandard piece of dog excrement. At the end of the month, after having to deal with people with a sense of entitlement (like yourself), tell me how much love you have for your obnoxious customers.

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