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Oh Yes it was store #1359 north Charleston, sc

Original review posted by user Mar 29, 2015

I am a LOYAL WALMART CUSTOMER!! Bought a laptop less than 2 months ago.

I take online classes and now the computer decides that it wants to freeze and not allow me to get on the internet. Went back to Walmart, and they tells me that I can't return or exchange. Only through the manufacturing company. I didn't buy it through them, I bought it there so I want them to do What's right.

I'm soooooooo furious right now. I have classes to take and can't. They tells me 15 days. Of course it's gonna work more than 15 days.

I'm calling corporate because their assistant managers were VERY RUDE!! And just to think WALMART was my favorite store!! They lost a customer, and I'm writing statements on every site that I find to report them!! I'm callinformed corporate!!

The employwere who works in electronics told me herself that I could get my money back!! Lies!!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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On your receipt it tells you how many days you have to return or exchange----15.


The policy on electronics is 15 days. Doesn't matter that you bought it from Walmart and not the manufacturer, after 15 days you can't take it back to Walmart.

Telling someone no does not mean that they are rude. You need to grow up! Your ranting and raving won't get you what you are after.

The electronics employee must have been new and unaware of the policy. You can report Walmart to all the sites you want but policy is policy, they stuck by it and you will just have to deal with it or let your anger cause you to have a stroke.


Thank you, Jeff. I find it funny how some people think that the customer is always right.

Well, some customers are wrong and rude. I'm sure that store has a sign with the return policy for electronic items.


Same to you as Well!! Read first!!

I clearly stated that all I wanted was an exchange.

I'm an online student and pay Well over $300 on every visit to Walmart!! So here lost!!


I did read first. What about this made you think that I didn't? I read your post from the get go, obviously.


No you need to grow up!!. First of all I said they were very rude!!

Read everything first before you comment!!


Why didn't you call the manufacturer if it's that important? You do realize that they get these items from somewhere, right?


That's my next step!!


Sometimes calling the manufacturer is better anyways. Some can type in the serial code and figure out what is going on.

If they had a sign by the computers with a return policy on them it would be easier on them and you.

However, not everyone reads the signs lol.


They must pay your *** for replying!! Get lost!! Lol


This website is NOT owned by Walmart. How could they pay me?

Can YOU read? This says Pissedconsumer, not Walmart. How dumb of you to think that I am paid by companies just because I am giving feedback, which is exactly what you are doing. Is Walmart paying you?

You replied to me. Must mean that they are paying you, as you say.