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Walmart is such a DEMON company! Waited for the online laptop sale to begin at 3:00am of course the at 3:00 the item still said out of stock finally after continuous refreshing at 3:32 it says the item is in stock and can be purchased even let us add to cart and pay then after we hit submitt it says OUT OF STOCK at 3 EFFIN thirty WHAT AN EFFIN crock!!

Walmart is such a piece and this goes to show how horrible this economy really is and how the Media tries to hide those facts!!! Walmart U SUCK!

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Waited for the laptop sale to begin at 3:00am got in line the day after Thanksgiving, they walked around handing maps, and made sure we were in the correct lines for the types of laptops we wanted, very helpful - they did say there would be 30 laptops but when they only had 18 they offered the other 12 people in line the higher priced laptop for the lower price - WalMart Rocks ... I am bummer you guys had a ruff time :? :roll

Same scam pulled walmart high point n.c. no tickets for purchase

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