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I put a toy on layaway to give my son in Christmas. I went today to pay it off and pick it up and there was nibody there to help.

I spent an hour waiting and a lot of employees asked if we needed help but they didn't help or didn't know what to do. When someone finally helped me she said my layaway was cancelled on the 15th. I said nobody told me and she said yes they told you. I told her to give my money back then and she said they were going to charge 10 dollars for the cancellation.

I had already paid 30 bucks. I said give my money back and they spent 30 minutes trying to make the refund but they disn't know what they were doing. I just left and let them keep my money.

What a vile, inept, unprofessional, cheap company. I am never going back to that disgusting place.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Layaway was over on the 15th. Has been every year since walmart brought it back.

They had signs posted everywhere and it was on your original receipt. If you couldn't pay it off or pick it up by then you should have contacted the store before then and they might have made arrangements for you, but layaway was over on the fifteenth.


Perhaps it is YOU who does not know what you are doing. Even if they did not know what they were doing, you are not perfect either.

Just look at your spelling and grammar mistakes.

Writing a review with spelling and grammar mistakes in unprofessional.


I am not getting paid for writing reviews and I don't take people's money for it. I am not a professional writer.

Working in customer service and not knowing how to help customers is ***. I don't blame the employees, it is the company's fault for being cheap and greedy.


I bet if you look at your layaway receipt it has a drop dead date? or did you not keep that? So tired of listening adults whine and wanting to be lead by the hand.......grow up.


Judging from her terrible spelling and grammar it does not matter if she kept the receipt or not, she apparently does not know how to read. Even if she does know how to read she probably "forgot" to mention the "drop dead" rate.

But perhaps she does need to be led by the hand.

If she cannot read how is she to find the layaway? She should hold her pride and admit she dropped out of the first grade and does not know how to read.