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I spent 3-4 hours christmas shopping and wanted to put it in layaway, stood in layaway line to be told that i couldnt put clothes in layaway...i dont have to buy toys, electronics, small appliances..because i mostly have adults to buy for and they prefer clothes..i left very angry and left most of the stuff behind because i couldnt afford it, so i am going somewhere else. Walmart you just lost a valuable customer..and will be spreading the have taken my last seems to me that the founder has a little bit of smarts and was thinking about the customer, today not so much about the customer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is not their fault you didn't know.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #909788

I agree, it is not their fault that mommy or daddy was not there to read the layaway policy. The terrible spelling and grammar obviously give away the fact that this person is six years old.

I have to say one good thing about her though. She is a very generous child and is thinking of giving other people gifts this Christmas.


Ever since WalMart started the Christmas lay away program, several years ago, it has been widely advertised what items could be put on lay away. Furthermore, if you would start shopping earlier in the year you would't have to use lay away.

I have been completely done with my shopping for six months. When I see something that I know somebody wants or needs that is in my price range I buy it. Usually buying one or two things a month. I also have half of the gifts wrapped and under the tree.

I never buy clothes for gifts because of how fast fashion ideas change it is pretty hard to know what each person would like in the line of clothing. The fact that you tried to put clothing on lay away proves that you haven't paid any attention to the rules that get posted and talked about on TV and radio.

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