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i bought 2 leapster explorer games for my daughters game and it didnt fit so now bc i only had one game open walmart wouldnt take it back i spent $60 on the *** games im pissed

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Can't blame Walymarts on this one. Hate to break it to ya but once you opened it you have only 2 options.

1st you can exchange it for the exact same item and hope it fits or take your claim to leepster and hope they honor right action. Again Walymarts is NOT at fault here, what your dealing with is FEDERAL copyright laws. Walymarts hands are tied. Policy is policy.

Would you rather the person you want to exchange your game because you were not educated in copyright laws to be fired?

Might wanna rethink that if you have any amount of human compassion.

Yes, I realize I said walymarts your eyes are not deceiving you....

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