I purchased an entire cart load of groceries from a local Walmart and when I got home and put everything away, I noticed I was missing some merchandise. I made sure I didn't have it anywhere and after reviewing the receipt, it was obvious that it was the last bag that was never given to me since they were the last items in the list.

The store has those little turnstile bags where the clerk has to spin it so I can grab it and place it in the cart. When my wife went back to the store to tell them, they said they would have to check the security cameras to make sure we weren't lying.

Not only were we insulted by the accusation that we would lie about such a petty *** thing, but they never did contact us like they said they would. I obviously will not shop there again.

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Oh come on! Show a little responsibility.

Check yourself.

EVERY TIME I check out at WM, I ask "did I get all the bags?" and turn the turnstile to check. A few times... opps, there a bag with a few items in it.

No big deal.

As a side note: Some cashiers seem to only put a few small items in those plastic bags, and I end up with like a dozen where 6 or seven will do. Yes, i know there concerned abotu the bags breaking. But really? One plastic bag can hold 3 2-liter bottles of pop without breaking.

But then again, I've had a plastic bag break with jsut a few cans in it, so disgrguard everything I've said. In fact, disreguard all my comments as just the ramblings of an old man in the final stages of..... argggggggg ggaaaaaaaaaaa....


Once at Cub, I left a bag with a few items in it.

Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia #765992

Are you even old enough to be married. Sometimes I wonder with people.

If everyone claimed they left an item behind and they took their word for it than they would lost money from scammers. I would think someone who is old enough to be married would accept this simple concept.

Then again, you do not take any blame for forgetting the bag and blame the cashier so I wonder how old you really are.

Also learn the difference between wife and mother. I seriously doubt you have a wife because you seem too young to be married.


I bet they didn't use those words. It is up to you to ask the cashier if you got everything.

Good heavens! My adult mentally handicapped daughter knows enough to ask the cashier if she got everything. When you purchase something, it is up to you to make sure you got everything. The cashier has other things to do.

Furthermore, it probably looked suspicious being you did the shopping, but your wife went back to the store to tell them. When I shop the last items on the list aren't always in the last bag.

The last bag will have the last items scanned, and some of the last items scanned can be the last ones put in the cart, but sink to the bottom because they are smaller sized items. Go ahead and quit shopping at WalMart, I'm sure they won't miss you.

to anonymous #765912

Clearly those handicapped genes didn't fall far from the tree. It is not unusual for the cashier to ring up the next order before the first one clears out.

It is quite easy to miss a bag. The cashier should NOT start until the first order has been removed.

I make them stop until I have checked to make sure I have all my bags but many people are uncomfortable with the intimidation. Walmart is notorious for this.

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