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My husband had a interview with wal-mart distribution and he passed the physical test and then they had him come in for a 2 interview and had him take a drug test(he passed) and gave him a starting date to start work, then when the time came for him to start working they told him they couldnt hire him.Im pissed off because how do the system expect people to change if they wont give them a chance to change!I really think they should change their hiring process because it is so wrong how they build up peoples confident and then break them down by denying them a chance to better them selves. Don't guarantee someone a job if you are not sure if you can hire them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then from my understanding wal-mart has starting hiring people with felonies on their background. My question is what kind of felony is allowed to be on your record before you can get a job???

A rapist,a child molester, or a murder can get a job before any body else w a shaky background and that is ridiculous!

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Look ..... Here is the bottom line.

First.... Kevin Richards your a dushe bag and get lost. You are that "guy" everybody hates. Take it negative comments and put them up ur ***!
As for the people looking for help I tell u tell u this....just keep a positive attitude, above all be HONEST with everything.

Again..HONEST with everything from the beginning and you will be just fine. Sell yourself and be a good person. Remember one thing. Half the people working there have not been cought.

Theyare judging. TTheir day is coming. You have counseling and need to prove yourself that you can be a positive assett to the community. Don't let duche bags like that Kevin *** bring u down.

Go get ur job. :)
Orange, California, United States #905756

I have a feeling that your husband did not get the job because he still needs his wife to act like mommy and fight his battles for him. When he was a teenager his mother would probably be the one bit**ing to walmart about him not getting a job, now it is your turn because your husband is not a man and cannot fight his own battles.

to KevinRichards #1167643

Well said. One more point the wife was not there so how do we know it is not the husband that is lying?

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #905690

I was told I couldn't be hired because I was behind on child support


Why do adults need people to fight their battles for them? Your husband is an adult and can fight his own battles.

I am sure that rapists, and child molesters, and murders(who should be in prison for life) would not be hired. Your husband messed up, he broke the law so he was not hired.

PS your husband needs to grow up and fight his own battles. You were not there so you are not getting 100 percent of the story.


I had the same problem with the walmart in Bad Axe Michigan, I was told by one manager I had the job and everthing came back clear on backround but today I called them and they told me I did not get the job because of backround it makes me mad because I have a misdomeanor but walmart can hire felons it is not fair and wrong walmart needs to information correct and stop wasting people time.

to Staci Orange, California, United States #905758

Why not do the adult thing and learn that it is YOUR fault that you broke the law. No one forced you to break the law.

Illinois, United States #857815

I couldn't imagine why a retail store or distribution center would not hire criminals whom do not have integrity. When you become a criminal, you are punished for the rest of your life. I have little pity for those who chose to break the laws that lead to a criminal record.

Russellville, Arkansas, United States #636604



Russellville, Arkansas, United States #636592

Frustration sure has a way of lashing out! And, ppl are ppl no matter how they talk or express themselves!

I don't know what kind of Felony your husband has and I believe a Woman has every right to speak for her man- you are apart of the Family Unit and of course you are concerned and probably frustrated- I was in the same place once or maybe twice, 18 yrs ago I had a felony too! There are companies that are willing to take a chance on you, just be honest and they will see it or hear in your voice! I gave my life and reputation to the Lord and he opens doors and closes them! Construction is a great area to start unless you live where there isn't any!

Sign up with a Staffing company, make a professional Resume and send them out to anyone and everyone-Landscape companies are probably better to hire these days before construction!It can be hard but it's possible - last but certainly not least, Invite God into your life, let him be the one to direct your Life! Best wishes to you!


They hire illegal aliens too.


Im a felon confirmed gang member did time in tdcj nobody will give a felon a chance but what you can do is file through the state for discrimination then get a lawyer go from there construction starting his own business is what will help until his felony has 7 years past good behaivior then maybe he might get hired but go for construction thats his best bet nobody that has a felony or been to prison should not comment ....

Whoa, hold up people. Before you guys start name-calling and calling people immature, nerlinger and sroa, both of you are typing like you are teenagers and obviously your mother didn't teach you how to wash your mouths out with soap.

Maybe this woman might have a legit claim. Maybe she is taking her frustration out. Walmart picks and choses who they can hire, because they are supposedly "Too big to fail"

Quit the name calling, and be civilized for crying out loud. You're making my eyes bleed with your idiocracy.

Just because you guy love Walmart so much doesn't mean you can lash out at every person who has a problem with them. Quit judging lest, you be judged. :)

Have a good day.


1. How immature are yu?

2. Calm the *** down there is no need to b a pricked about it. She has a *** opinion.

3. Yur just defending them cuz yur a piece of *** that can't get a real job so your probably another loser that's been working there your whole life.

4. Grow the *** up.



1. How immature are yu?

2. Calm the *** down there is no need to b a pricked about it. She has a *** opinion.

3. Yur just defending them cuz yur a piece of *** that can't get a real job so your probably another loser that's been working there your whole life.

4. Grow the *** up.

to fukk Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1267229

They pick who they like instead of who really is best for the job. You can have the most experience in the job and fill in for that job but never get the job when it comes for bid because they want to keep you doing the same old job that you are doing because you are good and they are afraid nobody else can fill your old job shoes like you do.

This is wrong but corporate lets them do it anyway.

God will fix it one day because I have faith in him when others are done wrong. They do my son like this.

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